B&B Best Lines Monday 12/29/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 12/29/08


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Eric: I understand this is hard, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Eric, somewhere inside you know this girl is not worthy of you. You know she'd just really be happy with a young man that doesn't have to hold his tummy in when he's got a bathing suit on. And she'd be just as happy with him as long as he could house her and clothe her in the style into which she has become accustomed. She'd be with him just like that (fingers snapping).......So let me get this straight. You only pretended to care for me because you thought she wanted nothing to do with you?

Eric: I thought we could have an adult conversation.

Stephanie: I'm just so tired of expecting you to be somebody you're not. Somebody who had values and goals as opposed to a man who simply thinks of nothing but pleasure.

Eric: That is such a dirty word to you, isn't it? Pleasure. After you and I spent all those years building that business we built? It is based on that. Pleasure isn't all there is to happiness, but it certainly helps.

Stephanie: What about substance? My hair goes white and I lose my figure and you decide you want to make goo-goo eyes across the table with someone else the rest of your life?....where were all those women when you were in that hospital bed?

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