B&B Best Lines Friday 12/12/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 12/12/08


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Stephanie: Oh, my God. You're calling these things stupid, silly pranks? He gets out of the hospital the day he checks out, and he can actually walk. He's just pretending. That's a silly prank? And this internet thing? Well, I mean, everything that she said that was supposed to be wonderful about you so you would feel good-- he edited the whole thing so it sounded as though she was talking about him. And she stands there and calls these things silly pranks. They were supposed to break you up, and nobody was supposed to get hurt.

Brooke: I was going to tell you everything.

Stephanie: Nobody was supposed to get hurt, right? Nobody was going to get hurt except for his daughter. And she's dead.

Brooke: Stop it! Ridge, you know Rick would never do anything to hurt Phoebe. You know that. This was just a horrible accident. Tell me you know that.

Stephanie: No. No. What you have to do, Ridge, is call the police and tell them that you want this investigated to the fullest extent of the law, and Rick has to be prosecuted. And if there is the evidence there, which I believe there is, then he has to be sent away. He has to be put in jail.

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