B&B Best Lines Monday 11/17/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 11/17/08


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Rick: The-- the moral high road doesn't suit you, Stephanie, so just stop it.

Stephanie: You don't know me very well, Rick.

Rick: Oh, I know you very well. Although I will admit, maybe not so great over the past few years 'cause I was working my butt off at Forrester International.

Stephanie: Oh, poor Ricky. All work and no play? Is that the story?

Rick: All right, you know, fine. I admit it. I-I had a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people. But I did not get to the top partying every night in Paris. So you don't know me that well either.

Stephanie: You got to the top, you got to be president by lying to your father, manipulating him and letting him think that you were paralyzed. For God sakes. You're right. You probably have ruined your mother's relationship with Ridge over this-- this podcast thing. I thought I knew you. I do. But you know what? The saddest thing about this whole mess is you're a Forrester. This is your family. You don't treat your brothers and your sisters like this.

Rick: Stop right there. Because now you're being inaccurate. Because the last time I checked, Ridge is the bastard son of Massimo Marone and you. He's not my brother.

Stephanie: That's a really smart way to get me to partner with you.

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