B&B Best Lines Wednesday 11/12/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 11/12/08


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Eric: Rick's right. Ridge should be here, but he has disregarded all of my decisions lately. This is Rick's time. Ridge needs to accept that, and so do you.

Ridge: All the years I spent at Forrester, now I'm supposed to share the presidency with a kid whose credentials amount to two years of partying in Paris?

Ridge: Taylor, I may not be able to move back in for a while. After all, Rick's got a very long road of fake recovery ahead of him. This whole thing has been a scam.

Taylor: You're talking about Rick being paralyzed?

Ridge: He may not have been able to move his toes for a couple of hours maybe. But I'm certain that he's been able to walk for quite a while now. The guy is out for revenge. He hates me. He blames me for his breakup with you. That's opened up all kinds of windows of opportunity for him. His mother asked me to leave. His dad promotes him, and all because little Ricky can't feel his legs. It's a charade, Taylor. It's all a charade he's gonna play as long as he gets what he wants, which is me out of the company and me as far away from Brooke as possible.

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