B&B Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08


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Stephanie: Oh, those are Donna's belongings. She's decided to move in, and she thinks I should move out.

Donna: Well, now that Pam is out of the picture, it's, um, time for us to move on with our lives together. Right, Honey Bear?

Stephanie: Is that what you want, Honey Bear?

Donna: Stephanie, we're-- we're both very grateful for what you've done, but, um, Eric and I are still married.

Stephanie: Oh, I thought the divorce proceedings had started.

Donna: That was before he knew the whole story.

Stephanie: Yes, of course. A lot's happened since you were thrown out of the house.

Donna: Look, Stephanie, the only reason you moved back here in the first place was to help him recover from his coma. Now I wish I could have been here myself, but I was in Paris. Now I realize that was a wild-goose chase thanks to Ridge to, uh, get me out of the picture.

Stephanie: Well, it was a wild-goose chase you were happy to go upon with your boy toy.

Donna: Well, you did a great job taking care of my husband. Bravo. Your work here is done, and your beach house awaits.

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