B&B Best Lines Thursday 10/30/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 10/30/08


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Nick: So Brooke's over there with Rick? Why aren't you over there, Forrester?

Nick: No, of course not. No, he wouldn't be at the hospital. Because you're the reason that Rick's there.

Ridge: That, Marone, is none of your business.

Nick: So what did you guys fight about?

Ridge: I'm not gonna discuss this with you.

Nick: No, you are going to discuss this, because my son lives in this house, and if there's gonna be fights where he lives--

Ridge: There wouldn't have been a fight here because Rick doesn't live here.

Nick: My son's mother does.

Ridge: Look, not that I owe you an explanation, Nick. Rick was out of his mind. He was out of control. He was very upset breaking up with Taylor.

Katie: They broke up? What happened?

Nick: Wait, wait. Let me guess. It involves you.

Katie: Did it, Ridge?

Ridge: Apparently, Taylor wasn't ready to marry Rick.

Nick: Because she's still got the hots for you. That's why Rick lost it. How's it feel, dressmaker? How does it feel to be right back in the middle of everything? Did you rub it in his face, Forrester, huh? Is that what you did? Just rubbed it in his face?

Ridge: I would never do that, Nick.

Nick: Well, then how does he end up in the hospital?

Ridge: I was defending myself.

Nick: By throwing him off a building?

Ridge: That was an accident.

Nick: An accident. Okay. An accident............I'll be there in a minute. Never forget, Forrester. As long as that son of mine lives in this house, I will have something to say about the way you treat people, Brooke and her family included.

Ridge: And don't you ever forget, Nick, as long as I'm raising your son, you will respect me, Brooke and my family included.

Nick: What is that supposed to mean exactly?

Ridge: You know damn well what it means. Brooke is gonna be my wife. Jack is gonna be my stepson. And nothing and no one is gonna interfere with that. Got it?

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