B&B Best Lines Wednesday 10/29/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 10/29/08


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Brooke: Oh, my God. How many times are you gonna bang your head against the same old wall? Fine. Knock yourself out.

Taylor: You always do the same thing. You make a joke when you're feeling threatened.

Brooke: You know, seriously, I just feel bad for you, Taylor. You've had a hard time lately. You've had to make some really difficult decisions-- giving up Jack, Rick. It's not the way I would have hoped, but it is the right decision. But this-- going after Ridge is only gonna bring you heartache.

Taylor: Mm, well, thank you for your concern.

Brooke: I was trying to reason with you. But I can see that I'm wasting my time. You know, people in the past have told me that psychiatrists are the craziest people of them all, and I never believed them. But now I'm starting to.

Taylor: Well, maybe I am crazy, after everything you've done to me and my family. And for what? Your entertainment? That's exactly what you've done with Ridge. You've toyed with him. You throw him away. You get him back. You throw him away. You get him back. That's your history with him, and he knows it. And he knows it always ends the same way-- no commitment, no stability. And that leaves you with no more coupons, Brooke, and me with the only safe place for him to go. I'm gonna say this only one last time. I'm taking back what is mine. That's a promise, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

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