B&B Best Lines Wednesday 10/1/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 10/1/08


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Eric: I f--I feel like I'm coming out of a fog, really. It's just, uh... beginning to see things more clearly. I've been thinking about, uh, the things you said to me the last time you were here. Stephanie should not-- Stephanie should not have dragged-- dragged you out of here the way she did.

Donna: Well, she could see that I was getting to you. She didn't want you to hear my side of the story.

Eric: My loving, devoted wife. There's something I want to show you. You've probably seen it already, but, uh, I want you to take a look at the-- you look like you're having a good time.

Donna: It--it wasn't my idea to go. Your family insisted and--and suggested that I take Owen or--

Eric: You see the caption there? Did you read the caption? "Mrs. Eric Forrester-- Mrs. Eric Forrester does the city of lights with the new man in her life."

Donna: Oh, Eric. Eric, it's just gossip.

Eric: It's insulting, and it's demeaning. You-- you were kissing him.

Donna: But that's-- that's as far as it went.

Eric: That's too far, too far, in my house with another man. You betrayed me. You betrayed me, Donna......I don't need an explanation, Donna. I get it. Everybody gets it. The one thing I said I would not tolerate was infidelity.

Donna: I-I wasn't.

Eric: Listen, there's all kinds of infidelity. Donna, there's-- there's emotional infidelity. There's psychological infidelity. And how you could let yourself get wrapped up in this guy and--and let him believe that--that he could make moves on you and that--that there might be a chance for him--

Donna: No, Eric, no, no. My God. No, I told him. Eric, I-I told him that--that I love you, only you.

Eric: Did you tell him that when you were in bed with him? Before you got in bed with him? After? When?

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