B&B Best Lines Thursday 9/25/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 9/25/08


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Katie: Can I say something? I’m not with Nick. I really have no reason to expect that to happen. But I miss you. I miss my best friend. And it may sound crazy, but I am not going to stop hoping that we can be friends again.

Bridget: I’ve cleared the way for you and Nick. I think that is friendlier that you have any right to expect me to be. And I’m sorry, Katie, but shoulders to cry on are in short supply right now.

Ridge: I just don’t think other people go through life like this. Wasn’t I just mowing the lawn. How did I end up naked in bed?

Brooke: I really feel sorry for those other people.

Ridge: I have a wacky idea. Let’s get married in the yard. And not invite anybody. Really I am having trouble sort of visualizing your sister Donna and my parents in the same room. Then we got Katie and Bridget, and that is not going to work. I personally don’t want to see Rick. And Rick and Taylor in the same room. How are we gonna do that? If we wait for all those people to solve their issues, you and I are going to be walking down the aisle with those walkers, you know with those little tennis balls.

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