B&B Best Lines Tuesday 8/26/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 8/26/08


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Pam: How can you be out roaming the streets free as a bird when those poisonous pills were found in your lingerie drawer?

Donna: How do you know about that?

Pam: Stephanie told me. Your lingerie drawer. That's poetic.

Donna: Someone out there drugged my husband.

Pam: Yeah, and I am standing right in front of her. Please, Donna, of course it had to be you-- you and your little pal Owen, who's in a jail cell right now, in case you didn't know, which is exactly where you should be, too.

Pam: You know, this is just proving my point. Owen confessed to trying to kill Eric. He's in the slammer right now, and what are you doing? Y-you're trying to find ways to spring him free. Why would you want the man who tried to kill your husband out on the street again? .......If he's not guilty, why would he confess to the crime? Unless he was trying to protect someone. You, Donna. (Scoffs) oh, now this is all beginning to make perfect sense. You and your little boy toy assistant had a hot-and-heavy affair, and now you're trying to pin what happened on someone else. Stephanie was right. You've been planning this with him all along. Thick as thieves. This just proves it.

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