B&B Best Lines Tuesday 8/5/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 8/5/08


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Katie: I'm pregnant. Impossible? Not for the miracle girl, even with a fever, even pumped full of antibiotics and antirejection drugs. God. I wanted to die that day on Catalina, and now I wish I had. Everyone says that things happen for a reason. Well, where is the lesson in this, Nick? Where is the good? This will bring nothing but misery to everyone involved-- to you, to your marriage. It will kill Bridget. It will kill her. And the baby, assuming that he lives long enough to be born, he won't thank me. Growing inside my screwed-up body, swimming in the sea of chemicals I take, he'll probably be deformed or sickly, a freak like his mother!

Nick: Stop that. Stop it. Now--now calm down and tell me what the doctor said.

Katie: They don't know anything. They aren't used to transplant patients being sneaky and slutty. Bridget opened her home to me. She devoted all of her time and her energy and her talent to saving my life, and this is how I repay her. This is how I leave my mark on the world by spreading pain and loss wherever I go.

Nick: That's not true.

Katie: Yes, it is. I don't know how you can stand to be around me.

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