B&B Best Lines Thursday 5/15/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 5/15/08


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Katie: I have to be honest, I... I don't take much comfort in the thought of heaven where everyone is perfect. I have my own doubts about eternal life..............If you're a good person and--and you stay out of trouble, then good things will happen to you, and you'll have a happy life. But that's not always true, is it? Sometimes justice isn't served. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. ..........Everyone said... (sniffles) "but, Katie, Storm lives inside of you." And you all seem to love that idea. It scares the hell out of me. But you seem to find comfort in it, in the idea of sawing my chest in two and prying it open like a drawbridge to make room for him. Look. Look........ I loved Storm... (sniffles) more than anything. In many ways, he was father and brother to me. And he was patient and generous and forgiving and protective. (Crying) and I know-- I know that he would have done anything for me. And he would have given me anything. But I didn't want his life. (Sniffles) Storm is gone, and it's my fault. I rushed into a situation that I didn't understand. I shot a bullet into my chest. I did this. I'm the one who shouldn't be here. Every breath I take should be Storm's. Every heartbeat should be his.

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