B&B Best Lines Tuesday 5/6/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 5/6/08


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Donna: I cannot deal with your attitude. I will not let you do this to our brother, who--who loved you, who raised you, who gave you the ultimate gift. He gave you his heart. He died so you could live. It--it--it was an incredible, beautiful thing.

Katie: No, no, there is no beauty in this. There is no beauty. This act has killed everything that was ever beautiful. You can't ignore this horror just because you want to. You can't make this okay. I'm broken, and you can't put me back together again. You can't give me Storm's heart and just pretend like nothing else happened. Something happened. Something terrible happened. You call it a gift, but it's not. It's a curse. Look at me. My body has been ripped apart and stitched back together like Frankenstein, like something inhuman, like something unreal. Brooke, do you feel the same way Donna does-- that I'm cruel and ungrateful? Because of me, my brother committed suicide. Because of me.

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