B&B Best Lines Tuesday 3/25/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 3/25/08


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Ridge: Taylor, you don't want Rick. I know you've been going through a difficult and confusing time the last while, but to reach out to Rick, Phoebe's first love? Phoebe would be devastated if she found out.

Taylor: There isn't anything to find out.

Ridge: How can you be certain she wouldn't, though, hmm? Rick is a kid. He could be your son. He's your daughter's first love. How many reasons do you need to know that you've got to stop this?

Taylor: I know that Brooke sent you here because she thought you might have a better shot at getting to me than she did. But guess what? I am not listening. You have no right to come here and tell me who I can and cannot be with.

Ridge: You've got to realize how wrong this is.

Taylor: Wrong? You want to know what's wrong? I come home every night, and you know what I face? This empty house with memories of good relationships gone bad. In the meantime, everybody else goes on with their life. Like, "oh, Taylor will be all right." Rick is the only person who has given a damn about how I'm doing and stops by to see me...... and you-- you dare come to my house, and you tell me that it's wrong for me to have somebody on my side for a change?

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