B&B Best Lines Wednesday 2/27/08

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 2/27/08


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Taylor: Yes, it is. But my name is on the birth certificate. The baby is mine. I carried him. I did the labor. He's my baby.

Brooke: I know that!

Taylor: You really think that I believe this ridiculous story that you made up, that--that this whole thing is an accident? Like--like you and your daughter are these-- are these altruistic patrons of--of scientific research, like--like you graciously just donated one of your eggs for the betterment of mankind. .....Now why was it that you even had an egg to donate in the first place? Oh. Oh, yeah, I remember. That's what it was-- that you were having fertility tests done to see if you could give my husband a baby because you found out that I couldn't! ..... That's exactly what you did, isn't it? So when was it? When was that point when you thought, oh, hey, I know. I'll just have my daughter, the doctor, implant that egg in Taylor and let her be the incubator and let her do the delivery and all of the work. And then while she's recovering, I'll run around his office in-- in these tiny, little dresses and try to get him to fall for me. Soon, the marriage will fall right apart. Well, you know what? That's not going to happen! I talked to an attorney.

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