B&B Best Lines Thursday 12/20/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 12/20/07


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Donna: I know you're canceling Christmas to make Eric feel guilty or worse.

Stephanie: Your father tried to kill me. My husband has walked out on me. So forgive me, Donna, if I don't feel like hauling out tinsel and colored lights and singing a rousing chorus of "Joy to the World." A lifetime of Christmases together with the children and the grandchildren. And things weren't always perfect, but somehow when Christmas rolled around, no matter what, no matter the problems, there we were again all together. Why can't you see that? That's the magic of our family. That's the magic of Christmas.

Donna: Eric won't be there. But still you've got the rest of your family willing to do anything they can for you. So you lost a husband-- big deal. Everyone else is at your beck and call. Why would you throw that away?

Stephen: All the rage you've been carrying around since you were a child is there because of me, my cowardice. And now it's brought you to this-- lying, manipulating, betraying your principles, risking a career you worked so hard for so I might get what I deserve. And I do deserve it, son. Your rage, your hate-- they're totally justified...... I'm not angry. No, I'm not, not at you... only at myself.

Storm: Dad, I'm the one who should finally take responsibility for myself. You know, I've let this rage inside me hold me back for way too many years.

Stephen: A well-liked, successful attorney-- I think you're doing fine. You're a son that any man would be proud of.

Storm: Well, I'm not so sure of that anymore. I'm just so damn ashamed, Dad.

Stephen: You have nothing to be ashamed about, nothing.

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