B&B Best Lines Thursday 11/15/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 11/15/07


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Stephanie: I may not be part of the company at this moment, but it is still part of me.

Donna: Oh, boo-hoo. You know, just go home. We have work to do.

Stephanie: I'll be at the show tomorrow. ....You really think there's anybody in this building th can keep me out?

Donna: I will not let you ruin this showing for Eric and me.

Stephanie: I will be here, because I belong here.

Donna: Yeah, well, you know what? Not as of today, because you are no longer matriarch of the family. You're just the jealous ex-wife. .... You know, I don't even know why we're talking about this. I mean, he already told you what he's going to do. Tomorrow we're gonna be on stage, and he's gonna tell everyone that we're in love.

Stephanie: You're in love, all right, with his money and his fame, and you don't give a good-- you know what-- about him or about what that announcement will do to this company-- my company--our company.

Donna: You know, Eric wants to celebrate with every single person in this room but you, Stephanie. He wants the Logans to be as much a part of Forrester Creations as his own family.

Stephanie: Over my dead body.

Brooke: Stephanie, please, don't make this more difficult on yourself. Who knows what the future will hold for Eric and Donna, but the fact is, tomorrow is Donna's big day. Eric has made that decision. Now you need to respect it. You need to respect yourself.

Stephanie: I won't interfere in your life if you don't interfere in mine.

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