B&B Best Lines Friday 11/9/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 11/9/07


Provided By Wanda

Donna: Brooke, no. Weren't you listening? Every time we let that woman slide or look the other way, we've lived to regret it. And how much more do you have to suffer before you-- you finally put a stop to this?

Katie: Maybe she's doing that by cutting Stephanie out of her life.

Stephen: And when in the history of mankind has anyone ever been successful at that?

Donna: Look, if we cave now, that's it. She'll know she's immune, and none of us Logans will ever be safe again, especially you, Brooke. Stephanie called this creep repeatedly, urging him to go after Brooke. And he came over with a gift-- a bird in a cage-- pretending to be a secret admirer...

Brooke: Stop it, Donna.

Donna: Only Brooke was the bird in the cage, or more like a sitting duck. And he didn't just happen to find the key, Daddy. Stephanie told him where it was. She told him that Brooke was alone in the house, that she had everything riding on the hearing.

Stephanie: No. Uncharacteristically, I am going to keep my mouth shut. I'm even going to let you finish my sentences for me.

Eric: Oh, good. Well... (sighs) well, I'm not used to having the floor.

Stephanie: (Laughs) Fine, then I'll talk, and you can feel free to interrupt me at any time. I know you think I've taken you for granted, and you have, over the years, begged me to listen to you and change the way I do things, and it always seems, in your mind, that it falls on deaf ears. I know you think I don't respect you enough or give you enough respect. The other day, you thought I was belittling your marketing campaign. I wasn't. If I could go back and change the way I've done things over the years, I would. But shoulda, coulda, woulda, honey. We can't change what's happened. Just tell me I'm not too late.

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