B&B Best Lines Tuesday 10/30/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 10/30/07


Provided By Wanda

Donna: (entering Eric's office) Is it safe? Stephanie leave? Well I don't see her broomstick anywhere, so she must've. ....don't keep me hanging. Is your marriage over?

Stephanie (surprise): I'm not going anywhere.

Donna: .......you know you should have accepted Brooke when I asked you to because if you did....none of this would be happening. But now you have me to deal with. (plopping feet upon desk) And I ain't gonna go anywhere either! .... Fine, just keep underestimating me, it's your funeral.

Stephanie: Not if I get my hands around that scrawny little neck first.

Donna:......Eric is such a dear, sweet man. He deserves so much more than some bitter, frigid nag.

Stephanie: As opposed to you? Whose only two 'assets' aren't even real?

Donna: If you're insinuating.....

Stephanie: Ah, come on honey, the sales tags on those are still wet......my husband requires something quite different in a woman. He needs someone who really is sophisticated and refined, and you my little silicone baby, are not that nor ever will be.

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