B&B Best Lines Monday 10/22/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 10/22/07


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Stephanie: I want to ap-- look, all I wanted to do was protect my grandchildren.

Eric: Well, what do you know? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Stephanie: Sometimes it is, you know? But-- look, the road I've been on has been paved with obsession and hatred, and I've been on it a long time. I don't want that anymore. I just-- I don't want this to cost me a life without you and our children. I... that would be hell for me.

Eric: If you came back here looking for sympathy, you've knocked on the wrong door. You're not gonna find very many others open to you either. You didn't care what might happen to her.

Stephanie: Do you think that I haven't asked myself how I could have let that happen, how I could have been so lost in my own hate?

Eric: It's who you are. (Inhales deeply) Years ago, you were a warm, loving woman completely devoted to your family. But your children grew up, and you couldn't let them live their own lives, especially Ridge. No woman was good enough for him, and certainly not a woman who brought to him such love and fulfillment as Brooke did. And so she was a threat to you. But really, you were jealous. You wanted Ridge and the children for yourself, because the truth of the matter is the real love of your life is Ridge. And no amount of soul searching is gonna change that.

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