B&B Best Lines Friday 10/19/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 10/19/07


Provided By Wanda

Ann: Just because I'm old doesn't mean I can't hold my own on the freeway. (Sighs) Besides, I wanted to get you back here as quickly as possible. I was afraid you might not leave Chicago otherwise.

Stephanie: Well, I'm sorry that my--my visit was so unpleasant. If I'd known I wasn't going to be welcome, I would have gone someplace else.

Ann: I never said you weren't welcome, but the week you were there, was mope around the condo.

Stephanie: I did not mope.

Ann: Well, you certainly weren't yourself. (Chuckles) And I know why. Eric finally threw you out, didn't he? You did something so utterly unforgivable--

Stephanie: Look, you don't know what you're talking about, Mother.

Ann: (Sighs) Fine. Then suppose you tell me why you've been in hiding from your husband and your children this time.

Stephanie: I have not been hiding. Mother, this is between my family and me, okay?

Ann: So you keep saying. Well, what are you waiting for? About time to face the firing squad. Though, just know if Eric doesn't shoot you and you show up at my door again, I might.

Stephanie: I'd expect nothing less.

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