B&B Best Lines Wednesday 7/12/06

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 7/12/06


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Darla: ....... First of all, I would just like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making this such a special day for our daughter. I know she will remember this day forever. Along with all the wonderful memories she's going to make being a part of such a beautiful loving family. That's something I never really had when I was Alexandria's age. But it never stopped me from praying that someday, someday I would find a family of my own. And I did. Right here........ Because of this beautiful, amazing woman. (Sally) She took me into her family and into her heart. As did this, amazing, amazing, beautiful woman did. (Stephanie) The day that I married her son. And what a son. And what a father. And what a husband he is. Thorne, you have given me more happiness and more love than I think my heart can ever hold. You and Alexandria are my life. As the two of you, are the mothers that I never had...... Sally, you taught me to be tough, yet compassionate. And Miss Stephanie, who taught me about dignity and self-respect. And only because of the two of you, I can stand here and say that I am happy and I'm finally worthy of the love and happiness that I have found with this family in abundance. And your family. And in yours. And in ours. I love you all, more than words can possibly say. Baby, love you. Come here, girls.

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