B&B Best Lines Friday 12/23/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 12/23/05

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Provided By Jennifer T.

Felicia: Who are all these beautiful people? How little I know about the characters in the story of my life. Where does all the time go? Did I waste it? Did it waste me? They'll miss me for a little while, when I'm gone. I don't mind. It's not so much the dying part. It's just not knowing how the story turns out. It's the missing them. They say that you can choose your friends, but not your family. But you do. Every morning, you put them on, like a worn shirt. Loving them, hating them, it doesn't matter. I chose them long ago. Before I knew anything. Before I was anything.

Both: Merry christmas.

Felicia: And now I chose you. Thank you for being my story. The only one I've ever had. Thank you for being my heart. When I go to sleep, I'll be listening for you.

From our family here at "the bold and the beautiful" to yours, happy holidays!

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