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Another World Trivia Quiz Page

AW Quiz #3

by Suzanne

1.  Which AW woman started out as a villainess but later became a heroine?

a. Alice

b. Ada

c. Rachel

d. Sharlene


2. What was Cass' main profession?

a. Lawyer

b. Chef

c. Police Officer

d. Doctor


3. Which of these characters did not move to ATWT after AW was canceled?

a. Cass

b. Felicia

c. Jake

d. Marley


4. Who went to jail for shooting Carl, even though she was framed?

a. Donna

b. Rachel

c. Lorna

d. Iris


5. Which man was Lorna in love with?

a. Dean

b. Cass

c. Mac

d. Carl


6. What was the name of Rachel's evil twin?

a. Marlena

b. Justine

c. Yvette

d. Felicia


7. Which man on the show was not a rapist?

a. Jake McKinnon

b. John Hudson

c. Russ Matthews

d. Cass Winthrop


8.  Who posed as her daughter's sister?

a. Donna

b. Rachel

c. Sharlene

d. Vicky


9.  What was Josie's profession?

a. lawyer

b. doctor

c. police officer

d. nurse


10. Which type of animal attacked Cass during his wedding to Lila?

a. lion

b. wolf

c. gorilla

d. elephant




1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. a
6. b
7. d
8. a
9. c
10. c

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