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Another World Trivia Quiz Page

AW Quiz #2

by Suzanne


1.  Which cable network showed older episodes of "Another World"?

a. TV Guide Network

b. Soapnet

c. OWN

d. BET


2. Which show took over the AW time slot after it was canceled?

a. Passions

b. Days of Our Lives

c. Santa Barbara

d.  Sunset Beach


3. Rachel went to prison for whose murder?

a. Mac

b. Jamie

c. Mitch

d. Donna


4.  Which "All My Children" actor played Steve Frame?

a. George Reinholdt

b. James Mitchell

c. Matthew Cowles

d. David Canary


5. Felicia Gallant's real first name was:

a. Linda

b. Frankie

c. Fanny

d. Leticia


6. How many times did the show win the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 5

d. never


7. Which real-life romance novelist was Felicia based on?

a. Danielle Steel

b. Nora Roberts

c. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

d. Jacqueline Susann


8.  Which former AW actor won an Academy Award?

a. Laurence Fishburne

b. Morgan Freeman

c. Samuel L. Jackson

d. Denzel Washington


9.  What was Sharlene's big secret?

a. amnesia

b. multiple personality

c. couldn't have children

d. Canadian


10. Which woman was Cass not romantically involved with?

a. Frankie

b. Kathleen

c. Donna

d. Nicole




1. b
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. d
8. b
9. b
10. c


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Page updated 4/20/15

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