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Another World Trivia Quiz Page

AW Quiz #1: The Beginning

by Suzanne

1. The show was originally conceived as a spin-off for which show?

a. Guiding Light

b. As The World Turns

c. Days of Our Lives

d. Secret Storm


2. The first episode started with which event?

a. a funeral

b. a wedding

c. a christening

d. a party


3. Which controversial topic did the show cover in its first year?

a. interracial dating

b. gay men

c. abortion

d. rape


4. Which actor-turned-talk-show-host was hired to write for the show?

a. Merv Griffin

b. Johnny Carson

c. Jay Leno

d. James Lipton


5. Who created the show, along with William J. Bell?

a. Irna Phillips

b. Brad Bell

c. Agnes Nixon

d. Paul Rauch


6. Which show was a spin-off from Another World?

a. Guiding Light

b. Port Charles

c. Somerset

d. Sunset Beach


7. Which "One Life to Live" actress first played Rachel on AW?

a. Erika Slezak

b. Gillian Spencer

c. Victoria Wyndham

d. Robin Strasser


8.  Which one of these characters was not romantically involved in a triangle involving the other 3?

a. Jamie

b. Alice

c. Steve

d. Rachel


9.  What big change happened in 1979 that was a disaster?

a. moved from black and white to color

b. went to 90 minutes

c. killed off most of the cast in an explosion

d. went to 30 minutes


10. Which one of these characters was not romantically involved with Rachel?

a. Carl

b. Mac

c. Mitch

d. Chad




1. b
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. d
8. a
9. b
10. d

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Page updated 4/20/15

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