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ATWT Top Ten List

25 Things that ATWT Characters Can Ask Santa for This Christmas
by Bethany

1. Molly Conlan needs to have a night without visions of Vicky dancing in her head, er, room. The girl has been through hell and she invited Katie for Thanksgiving dinner. Give her a break Santa. Place that check mark on the nice side this year.

2. Katie Perretti needs a good swift kick in her behind for the stunts that she has pulled this year. I would give her a stocking full of coal and a place to burn it so she won't freeze that lovely little tush off.

3. Jack Snyder needs a wife that can tell him the truth no matter what and a cure for Carlyitis.

4. Carly Tinney needs a home so that she can raise her son without Craig's interference and influence. She needs a man that can appreciate her and please not Jack.

5. Hal Munson needs a clue as to how to handle his wife and daughter.  To be as old as he is, he hasn't the first inkling how to handle a woman.

6. Tom Hughes needs to get a new shingle and start practicing law again. For goodness sake, don't make his first client Emily. We know where that got him the last time.

7. Margo Hughes needs to have her children and husband all to herself and give her the ability to not confess to another crime that she hasn't committed. She seems to have a real knack for that. She is a felon's best alibi.

8. Lily Snyder, my goodness, what can you give a girl who has everything. I know the good sense to realize that and a forgiving husband that will come back home despite the way that she has treated him since her trip to the island.

9. Simon Frazier needs his green card or a one way ticket to Australia. Your perception of this would depend on who is buying. If Lucinda is doing the honors, it looks like a trip to down under is in your future. Lily can probably buy you a green card.

10. Julia Snyder needs to have the ability to trust what her husband is telling her and not fear Carly anymore. But you must grant wish # 3 first Santa and then go from there.

11. Emma Snyder needs a new kitchen. I know that she loves the old one but it is getting smaller by the year with all the new additions to the family. Maybe she can add a special bar for Rose to produce her pasta on and maybe a computer so she can write the love novels again.

12. Faith Snyder needs to know the difference between Mama and Aunt Rose. This could be accomplished by cutting one of the girls hair. This should help this child tremendously. Brother Luke needs the same thing.

13. Adam Hughes needs some more equipment so that he can settle the Vicky ghost thing once and for all.

14. Abigail Williams needs a ticket to wherever her adopted parents are. Did they unadopt this poor child? When was the last time that she actually heard from them?

15. Craig and Bryant Montgomery both need a comb. Do something with their hair please. It looks as though they stuck their fingers in an electrical socket.

16. Jennifer Munson needs to get a chastity belt before she does something stupid like give her virginity to Bryant with half of Oakdale nearby.

17. Barbara Munson needs to get a book on how to carry on behind your husband's back when he is a detective. She sure is going to get caught at the rate she is going. Inviting Craig to her home and drinking brandy with him until she nearly threw caution to the wind is a bad move girl.

18. Denise Maynard needs a new copy of the song, "I Am Woman" and a stereo to play it on. Every time that Isaac, Ben or Andy gets in her face, she needs to play it loud and remember she needs to be able to take care of herself and please herself before she can make a life with someone else.

19. Christopher Hughes needs a brain if he thinks that he has a future with Emily Stewart. Everything she touches evaporates into something horrible. Maybe a trip to the junkyard of broken relationships would help him get his prospective back. 

20. Kim Hughes needs peace on earth... if I ever saw a woman that did. She has been wonderful this year, Santa. Give her a Happy New Year.

21. Bob Hughes needs a hospital that is John Dixonless. John is going to cause one major law suit for the hospital sooner or later if he doesn't retire.

22. Ben Harris needs a course on how to raise a street wise adolescent in 10 easy lessons. Either that or some good instinct so he will know when Curtis is conning him.

23. Isaac Jenkins needs the ability to run his club without Craig's interference. That pretty much puts him in the same boat with Carly.  Maybe joining forces wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

24. Oakdale Police Department needs a force without Shanks. I am surprised that he has gotten himself killed yet but then again the criminals are more interested in getting out and escaping than messing with someone who hasn't gotten a full deck going on in the card game.

25. Rose D'Angelo needs her own identity, one that is free of Lily's persona. She is really a great girl Santa so don't hold her bad deeds against her. Just give her a little money and a nice place to live and a good job and she will surprise you next year.

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Page updated 6/4/11

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