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As The World Turns Top Ten List Pages

ATWT Top Ten List

Top Ten Women We Love!

By Suzanne

1. Nancy - Not only is Nancy the grande dame of Oakdale, but her portrayer, Helen Wagner, is the oldest actress on the soaps. She is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records as being the longest-running character played by one actor on television. She also played the role of Trudy Bauer during the first few television years of Guiding Light in the early 1950s. Nancy and her husband Chris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1986. Sadly, she never won a Daytime Emmy and has not had any story in the last 6 years. Nancy survived the death of her oldest daughter, as well as the death of two husbands. Nancy did not always approve of the people that her children Bob, Tom and Penny chose for romance. She has lived with Bob and Kim for many years, providing charm and wisdom.

2. Barbara - No can fault Barbara for not caring about her family. She just sometimes cares a little much and tries to run their lives. She often makes very bad decisions about her life. This has led to many disastrous romances. Barbara is another survivor. She has lived through numerous violent attacks (some by ex Stenbeck), bulimia, a coma, amnesia, and cancer. Barbara was married to 6 different men (3 times to Hal!) and has had four children (two of whom died). Her two remaining children, Paul and Will, have both spent time in mental institutions. Barbara had a fine childhood but has had a very trouble life since becoming an adult. She continues to survive and to deal with life and romance!

3. Emily - She is very high-strung, which comes from being very smart and driven. Emily is very successful and hard-working, but she often lets her heart or her emotions get in the way of happiness. Being a reporter for most of her life, Emily has a nose for the news, which often leads her into trouble. She has had many romances and been married four times (which is not a lot for a soap heroine). She has one child, Daniel, but they have never had a close relationship because he was mostly raised by Tom and Margo. Emily seems to always be looking for love and affection, and she has wanted to have another child to make up for Daniel. She went a little nuts for a while after losing the child she was carrying with Paul. Emily had a very difficult childhood, going back and forth between her parents for a long time, which would explain why she is always looking for love.

4. Carly - She is often her own worst enemy. She tries hard to be a good wife and mother, but she often ends up getting into trouble and then lying about it. She often makes very bad choices. Jack is the love of her life, but they have been married and broken up many times. They love each other but keep messing things up. Carly had a drinking problem, but really it was just a symptom of how messed up her life was. Carly has been a successful businesswoman, too, but her personal problems seem to often mess things up for her professionally. She has three great kids, despite her often-irresponsible behavior and her five marriages. Carly used to be a "bad girl" but has since reformed, although she still sometimes lapses into poor behavior, especially when she feels desperate or trapped.

5. Janet - She is just a great, down-to-earth person, with a great smile and a big heart. Janet had to support herself and her daughter for years. She was a teenage mom and did every possible job to support them. When she settled in Oakdale, she found Jack, and eventually they were married. They make a great couple, but unfortunately he is always drawn to Carly. Janet is a wonderful mother to her daughter, Liberty. She always put her first, like every mother should. Janet gets along with everyone, but she is not afraid to speak her mind or tell people how she feels. She is probably one of the most realistic characters that has been on the show.

6. Vienna - Originally modeled after Paris Hilton, Vienna was spoiled and selfish, a one-dimensional caricature with a bad accent. They eventually improved her and made her the girl that we have all come to love. She is best when with Henry, who is arguably the love of her life. They often run into problems (usually because of Henry's doing) that split them up. Vienna is mostly just a good person who wants to settle down with him. She had a very rich and fabulous background, but she gave it all up for him. Vienna is a very fiery woman, not a doormat, yet for some reason she ends up being hurt by Henry. She has dumped him many times, but since she loves him, she often forgives him. Vienna is best friends with Katie, just like Henry. They were enemies at first, when Vienna was with Simon, and saw Katie as a threat. Eventually, they bonded because of Henry. Vienna is the ultimate good pal as well as being a great lady for Henry. She also has great style and taste in clothing and accessories.

7. Jessica - One of the few African-American long-term characters on the show, Jessica is a great lawyer and champion for people who are being persecuted. She has a daughter, Bonnie, from her marriage to the Scottsman, Duncan. She also has a foster daughter, Sarah. Jessica puts her daughters first, but she is also very dedicated to her career. She has not had good luck with men. They always seem to let her down. Jessica has made a few mistakes, but mostly she is a very good and intelligent person. She is a rare commodity on soaps: a woman that is so strong and moral, who is also not a victim.

8. Lisa - She has led a long and colorful life. She started out as a "bad girl" but has been one of the leading citizens of Oakdale for quite a while now. Her son Tom is one of the town's leading citizens as well. She has been married 8 times and has had many lovers. She also fought mental illness, drug addiction, cancer, and amnesia. In her early years, Lisa was very manipulative and vengeful, but she mellowed with age and has become quite wise. She runs the town's hotel, where a lot of the show's action takes place, and she dispenses both gossip and advice.

9. Kim - Always a wise woman, she seems very soft but is quick to tell you what she thinks or feels. Kim has been a very powerful force in town with her TV station. She had a colorful work history until she got into the TV business. Three of her five husbands died, but she has been happily married to Bob for a long time. She had three children, but Chris is definitely the light of her life. Notably, she is one of the few characters on the show to never do anything illegal (as far as we know). She was not such a nice woman when she first arrived in Oakdale, but she became a leading citizen of Oakdale over the years. In the late 90's, Kim had a heart problem and was also in a coma, but since then, things have been relatively quiet for her, aside from problems with Chris and Bob, or her problems at the TV station.

10. Susan - She is a great doctor, but she has had nothing but drama and tragedy in her personal life. She seems to mostly live now for her daughters, Emily and Alison. She had problems in the past with men, and both drugs and alcohol. Her most recent love affair was with another doctor, who turned out to be a serial killer. In her early years, Susan's ambition over-shadowed her personal life, and she paid dearly for it. She lost custody of her daughter Emily for a while, and she also left town for a while. Susan married a much younger man and had his baby through in vitro fertilization. Emily donated her eggs so that Susan and her husband could have Alison. Susan is always concerned about both of her daughters, with very good reason. Their lives have been even more troubled than hers.

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