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As The World Turns Trivia Quiz Pages

ATWT Trivia Quiz

ATWT Trivia Quiz
By Mary

  1. As the World Turns premiered on the same day as:

    1. One Life to Live

    2. Another World

    3. General Hospital

    4. Edge of Night

  2. What city was the setting for the soap opera for ATWT?

    1. Memphis, Tenn

    2. Tampa, Fla

    3. Oakdale, Illinois

    4. Pittsburgh, Pa

  3. As The World Turns centered on two families. Who were  they”

    1. Lowells and Hughes

    2. Kanes and Chandlers

    3. Lords and Buchanans

    4. Scorpios and Quartermaines

  4. What was Chris Hughes’s sisters’ name?

    1. Edith

    2. Ellen

    3. Susan

    4. Mary

  5. How many children did Chris and Nancy Hughes have?

    1. 1

    2. 8

    3. 4

    4. 5

  6. What actress was fired just 13 weeks of ATWT because of a contract dispute?

    1. Helen Wagner

    2. Ann Burr

    3. Wendy Burr

    4. Leona Powers

  7. Paul and Dan Stewart were:

    1. Brothers

    2. Cousins

    3. Uncle and Nephew

    4. Father and son

  8. What relation was Bob Hughes to Chris and Nancy Hughes?

    1. Son

    2. Nephew

    3. Grandson

    4. Brother to Chris

  9. What was Bob Hughes’ wife’ name?

    1. Penny

    2. Kim

    3. Jennifer

    4. Edith

  10. What relation was Kim to Bob Hughes’s wife, Jennifer?

    1. Sister

    2. Aunt

    3. Niece

    4. Granddaughter


Page updated 8/20/14

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