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As The World Turns Predictions Pages

ATWT Rumors and Predictions

2007 - 2010

Rumors By Eva 6/25/10

Michael Park (Jack) might be joining OLTL as Dan Wolek. Meanwhile, Maura West (Carly) is moving out west, just like her co-stars Jon and Kelley Hensley, because she will more than likely join a sister CBS soap.

Rumors By Suzanne 3/19/10

The latest rumors: James Stenbeck will not make one final appearance (telenext media forum). Also, Agim Kaba (Aaron) will return. According to, Trent Dawson, who was rumored to be leaving, is staying. However, Grayson McCouch (Dusty) is still rumored to be leaving. Terri Columbino squashed last year's rumors about why Austin Peck left.  According to  Colombino dismisses talk that her relationship with Peck was what got him fired from the show, and noted that there'd "be no more television" if actors were fired for their off-screen behavior.

Predictions By Suzanne 3/19/10

Katie will get a clue that Brad may still be alive, despite all reason, and she will go chasing after it.  Noah and Luke will break up for good. Holden and Lily will get back together and stay that way.  Meg will get help and become a much stronger person, which will make her more attractive to men. But will she really be mentally stable or just plotting her revenge? James Stenbeck will make one final appearance in town before being taken away for good to jail.  Barbara and Henry will get married. Janet and Jack will have a baby, but he will go back to Carly, and she will go with Dusty. Liberty will be saved. Rosanna will return and reunited with Craig.

Rumors By Suzanne 10/6/09

It's rumored that Austin Peck, who is leaving, was fired because he was fooling around with his married leading lady, Teri Colombino (Katie), and because he didn't get along with Michael Park (Jack). The rumor is also that this affair has caused a lot of friction on the set.  Peck denies it and no one else is saying anything. The rumor came from Nelson Branco on TV Guide Canada.

Predictions By Suzanne 8/13/08

Aaron dies. Carly and Holden have sex again. Vienna returns and is not pleased to find Bonnie working with Henry. Katie gives Brad an ultimatum. Parker tries to make Liberty jealous.

By Eva 3/27/08

When Julie Pinson joins the cast of ATWT on May 8, her role of Janet is rumored to be Sofie's mother or a recast of Molly McKinnon.

By Suzanne 1/6/07

Gwen's mother will team up with Jade to break up Will and Gwen.  Iris will go off the deep end and ends up terrorizing Jade, whom Adam and Will have to rescue.   Paul and Meg will reunite, but he will decide that he really wants Emily.  Craig will go back to jail after Meg and Emily work to trap him.  Dusty will find a new love: Katie.  Barbara will work to keep Dusty from Katie because she falls for Dusty herself.

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Page updated 6/6/11

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