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As The World Turns Predictions Pages

ATWT Rumors and Predictions

2004 - 2006

6/28/06 by Elayna

  • Carly and Jack proceed with their divorce even though they continue to fight their connection; Carly is prepared to move on when she returns from Montana, is Jack now reconsidering.
  • Damian and Simon may wine and dine Carly, much to Jack’s dismay
  • Parker may go MIA this summer
  • A food fight and some kids mixed in bring Jack and Carly closer
  • Maddie’s past secret involving a sexual assault comes to light, which leads to Casey and her breaking up.
  • Maddie is front and center when a murder mystery caps off this summer; people start to die one after another
  • Simon goes overboard for Katie and the two go missing
  • Damian continues to manipulate Luke
  • Luke gets a chance to tell Kevin how he feels
  • Jen’s illness is terminal; she prepares herself by making a video diary for Johnny and marrying Dusty; Dusty refuses to believe she will die
  • Tragedy befalls Dusty and Jennifer when she dies in his arms; was Lucy’s misdiagnosis the reason for this? Does this mean ATWT changed their mind about recasting Jennifer Ferrin?
  • Some past lovers reunite
  • More deaths this summer even after the heart wrenching departure of Jen - tragedy strikes as some core characters die – some involved in the murder mystery, another from something else

2/10/06 by Elayna

  • Jade may not be who she says she is.

  • Martha Bryne is pregnant. It will be written into the show. Who's baby is it? Holden or Keith?

week of 6/20/05 by Eva

Rumor is that Gwen Norbeck (played by Jennifer Landon) will either be Carly's half-sister, or her daughter that she gave up for adoption when she became pregnant as a teenager.

week of 2/21/05 by Jenny

Julia continues to be puzzled by the fact that every time she gets a new boyfriend, his wife gets mad at her.

Keith acts all mysterious about El Paso. The more he tries to act secretive and mysterious, the more he encourages Carly and Lily to dig into Julia's past.

Parker and J.J. get into a fight over who gets to monopolize Jack this week. Parker punches J.J. just as Carly walks in. She stops the fight, then sits Parker down and explains to him that hitting people never solves anything - especially when you're hitting someone who doesn't have any front teeth to begin with.

As if Jack didn't have enough trouble with his personal problems, he now has new concerns at work. He calls Homeland Security in a panic and explains to them just how easy it is for people to sneak into the country in orange crates and might that possibly be a security concern?

Dusty and Sierra take another mudbath together and get romantic (like we never saw that coming!). They end up getting mud in some pretty uncomfortable places and decide the whole spa thing was a bad idea.

Katie continues to play "I love him, I love him not" with Mike. She asks him to build her and Henry a new bed, explaining that their old one collapsed after the wedding night. Jenn, eager to keep Katie with Henry and away from Mike, gives her a complimentary negligee from her new line, Streetwalker Wear.

week of 2/13/05 by Jenny

Barbara yet again shocks everyone by getting off the hook completely scott-free. No one saw that coming!
James double crosses Rosanna and keeps Cabot. No one saw that coming either!
Katie continues to shamelessly throw herself at Mike. He continues to resist. Katie refuses to take the hint. Mike finally has to tell her that “just friends” means she can’t undress him and get her hands all over him all the time.
Julia dies a painful death from dehydration, as the result of too much crying. Holden and Jack get into a fight over who gets to throw himself on her grave. Carly and Lily consider breaking up the fight, then decide it would be better to let them beat each other up, since it will save them the trouble.
J.J. continues to act like a spoiled brat.
Julia’s old friend Keith suddenly realizes how much he looks like Bruce Willis and leaves town to pursue a career in Hollywood. He takes J.J. with him, knowing that children in Hollywood are SUPPOSED to be spoiled brats, so J.J. will fit right in.

2/1/05 by Nikki

Craig and Sierra will slowly start falling back in love with each other. Holden will end up moving in with Julia. Lily and Carly will get a hold of Keith in Chicago, causing more trouble for Julia. Holden will get mad at Lily for messing with Julia, and Jack will get upset at Carly. Rosanna will see that Cabot is definitely alive. Barbara will cook up a scheme to escape with James. Dusty will try to get Lucinda to give him tips on how to get Lucy back once and for all!

6/11/04 by Susann

From a Discussion Board:
Is Walker Daniels working for James Stenbeck? Hmmm. Now that would be an interesting twist!!

6/10/04 by Susann

From the Discussion Boards:
Why is Jordan's last name Sinclair instead of Stenbeck? Why is there such a mystery surrounding who his mother was? Why didn't James want to tell him that information? Usually when a woman gives birth, HER name is on the birth certificate! It's usually the father who's missing if anyone is. Some are speculating that James has had himself cloned, and that Jordan actually IS James at the age of 25. This would explain the orphanage, lack the lack of any mother documentation. Is Jordan going to be a perfect DNA match for James?

4/12/04 by Bettye

There will be a Doc/Margo 'romance'--romance being done in Hogan style that is; sex, but no love please!-- To make it even more insane, Tom will only have a very small part in the story (makes sense; his wife cheats on him but Tom is hardly to be seen).

But since ATWT will be off the air by the end of this year, maybe SH is better off not being associated too much with ATWT. It's probably the same reason Brygman and Hendrickson will be gone by the end of this summer. CBS has put some very stiff demands on the table to continue ATWT after this year. It is highly unlikely they will meet those demands.

Brygman has been wanting to leave ATWT for a long time already. Since he has a lot of things going on outside ATWT right now his leaving is only a matter of time.

Sheffer and Hendrickson are at odds, since Hendrickson had the nerve to bark at Sheffer's plans to reunite Barbara and Hal. The only thing keeping Hendrickson from leaving weeks ago was his loyalty to Chris Goutman. But Hendrickson has been receiving a lot of offers lately and with the trouble with Sheffer mounting his departure is almost inevitable.

But these are just two names. Many more big ones are too leave ATWT soon.

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Page updated 6/6/11

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