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As The World Turns Predictions Pages

ATWT Rumors and Predictions


8/20/03 by Kathy M.

Paul tries to resist temptation from James to be like him in getting revenge on Dusty. Does it work? Yes. Rose gets ready for her big shindig at the Roller Palace. Bob says Rick is the serial killer.  Alison & Chris dig up some revealing info. on Rick by opening his safe deposit box. Emily continues to try to help Susan, who's still defending Rick. He tries to get Susan out of town so they won't arrest him. The story is almost over. We'll see a down-hearted Susan have to tell her family they were right. These will be some touching scenes. Susan will have to rejoice that she's alive and feels bad she put all of them in jeopardy (with their lives). Jennifer continues to flirt with Dusty, who can't resist her charms (and neither can she). JU is getting underway to be a new, improved business started by Craig & Dusty. They try to figure out a new name for the place.

8/04/03 by Ana & Mona

I think there is a definite possibility of Jennifer falling for Dusty. because she is going to be distracting Dusty for Paul and will eventually fall for him.  Henry was warning Mike to keep his hands off Katie, but Maybe the sneaky rat has found love with Katie.  I also believe that there will be rekindling of romance with Paul and Rose. I don't believe that it will be love but more guilt.  Jennifer's boyfriend Andres is coming to Oakdale and from the reaction he seems like a jerk, it would be really interesting if Billy, Jen's last beau comes back to town.

7/26/03 by Mona

In the past week it was revealed that Sarah could possibly be Marshall's daughter Zara.  This is very likely, since the writers are setting the story up so that once again Jessica will be thrown into the loop. I think that when the time comes, Sarah will be hospitalized and Marshall will find out and save her life.  There are rumors spreading around that Ben's adopted son Curtis will be aged and could very well be a potential love interest for Sarah.  Carly chooses a godfather for her baby Sage next week and I believe that she will choose Craig.  I think Craig because Mike will be out of town with Katie in Australia looking for Simon.  I predict that Simon will be back and will be recast as there is no news that Paul Leydan wants to come back to ATWT.  Paul catches Dusty and Rose in an embrace next week and Rose will most likely see and that will solidify her guilt even more, exactly as Paul has planned.

7/18/03 by Kathy

Paul & Dusty will continue to fight for Rose. Dusty tells Paul & Rose to stay away from each other 'cause he feels he's bad news and wants to seek revenge on her. How? By making her fall for him again then hurting her like he was hurt. Bonnie searches immigration laws to help Sarah stay in the country. She privately tells Dr. Daniels she's from Brazil. Jessica helps Sarah & Bonnie with this. Jess is happy with her job helping the DA's office. The dr. researches to find an answer to her illness. Marshall will be the one who will donate an organ, blood, or whatever to save her. That's when the truth will come out about her daddy. The dr. also tries to keep one step ahead with Dr. Decker. Rick tries repeatedly to kill Bob with another K. vial. Chris & Allison and Lucy & Aaron get closer. Craig continues to meddle in people's lives. Rosanna tries to tame her hubby. Carly & Jack are happy. Mike contacts Simon for Katie's sake. He wants to know why he left her. Katie is speechless when she finds this out.

7/9/03 by Kathy

Hal, Emily, Dr. Daniels, Alison, etc. still think Rick killed the patients and wanted Bob dead at the hospital. Susan tries to convince her daugthers that Rick is a good man. They object to Rick's proposal. The investigation continues without knowing who the real killer is. Bonnie is more determined to take care of Sarah as her own child. Jess, Ben, and Isaac objects. They know Sarah is a troubled child and Bonnie should watch out! Hummm....she's Marshall's long-lost child! Marshall & Jess see each other now and then. Jen & Barbara talk about Paul. She still doesn't tell her daughter the whole truth. It takes Paul to show up to straighten things out. Rose can't get over her feelings for Paul. She finally gets to talk to him face-to-face too! Dusty tries to stay away from her but can't. The Snyder's still hate him. Paul seeks revenge on Dusty with James' help. Carly & Jack return home with Sage and the Montana gang. They start their life over there. Craig still gives wise crack remarks to Jack, while Rosanna & Carly try to get along for Sage's sake. Molly still wants Mike. She can't figure out how to put her life back in order. Mike & Katie get closer together. He saves her life when she's terrorized by the "wheelchair man". He's terrorizing others at the hospital too like Alison. The killings have stopped. Alison & Chris get closer together. He tries to protect her. She won't listen to him about staying away 'cause it's dangerous there.

6/20/03 by Kathy

Tension still heats up at the hospital as the investigation continues to be underway. Chris & Alison still see each other, but he's more shaken than ever cause of the K vial found in his locker. Gordo & Rick are still being questioned. Alison wants nothing to do with Gordo since he's a suspect (but can't stay away from Chris). Hal continues to protect his friends at the hospital. Rosanna's on the side of Lucy & Aaron. Lily & Rose are rescued, not by the help of Bar-Bar though. Holden's still fuming. Dusty is "off the hook" when he helps the police find them. Carly & Jack have their Indian wedding ceremony with the help of Mike & Katie, who grow closer as she talks him into staying in Oakdale. Jack's the father of Sage. Mike is disappointed, but Katie comforts him. All five of them return home.

5/29/03 by Loretta

While performing her community service work at the children's shelter,
Bonnie will form a friendship with young Sara. From her chats with Sara,
Bonnie will find out that the youngster is physically and emotionally
abused at home. Bonnie will be determined to help Sara with her

5/24/03 by Kathy

Barbara will "have words" with Rose & Dusty at Paul's memorial service. She will blame herself for the plane crash. Rose's family will defend her but not Dusty. Holden will tell him again to leave town. Rose will give a tearing speech. She will leave and go back to be with her dad in New Jersey. Dusty leaves town.

Carly will stay gone a while. She disappeared when she stepped outside of Hal's place to walk around a bit. James Stenbeck kidnapped Carly to help Barbara so he can get her back to be his once again. Rosanna will be found guilty of more secrets (like how she really got the cut on her forehead). Emma will continue to comfort Jack.

Craig will try to compromise with Lucy but will continue to mess up in that relationship. Lucy & Aaron will stay in town. Craig will help Jack find Carly. That will cause Rosanna to let her husband go. 

Bob will retire from the hospital after another patient dies. There will be a nice retirement party for him.

Molly will keep bothering Mike. She decides to finally get back with him after finding out Carly's baby is Jack's!

5/14/03 by Loretta

*Now that her son Paul has vanished from Oakdale, Barbara will hire Dusty to help James escape from prison, as Barbara needs his help. Barbara asks James to find Paul.

5/6/03 by Loretta

*Dr. Westin will be responsible for all the mysterious deaths happening at Oakdale Memorial Hospital.

5/2/03 by Loretta

*Rick's relationship with Susan will pose a threat to young Alison. Now that Rick has moved in with Susan, Alison will move in with Emily and Hal.

*Alison and Rick compete for Susan's attention.

*Sick of lying about her mother's shooting, Bonnie will go to Margo and Evelyn with the truth. Bonnie's freedom will be determined by a summer trial.

5/1/03 by Mandi

*Alison comes home, finds Rick(Susans new beau) and starts to flip, she then realizes that her mom needs someone to keep her happy and agrees with her mom.

*Bonnie decides to tell the cops the truth and get put in jail for a little while, after she already told them that she didn't remember much.

* Craig and Rosanna try and work things out but it doesn't work so they get an annulment.

* Lucy leaves home and lives with Katie (or Rosanna) so that she can see Aaron.

* Barbara gets caught and Paul is really mad and wants to disown her, but can't.

* Paul and Rose make up and still get married.

* Molly helps out the FBI and helps land Dusty in jail or at least exposes him to everybody in oakdale.

3/31/03 by Loretta

Since Alison is behind bars, she will have more time to think...about Chris Hughes. Alison will develop feelings for Chris and forget about Aaron Snyder.

Rose will go to Dusty for more than her business advice. Rose and Dusty will fall in love.

3/8/03 by Loretta

Okay gang, you heard it here first!

After being examined by her physician, Jessica will learn that she is pregnant by Marshall (due to him raping her). Jessica will frantically have to decide whether to keep the baby or not.

Bonnie will try to kill Marshall Travers for raping her mother (Jessica).

3/8/03 by Eva

There will be a romantic quadrangle between Dusty Molly Rose and Paul with Rose having feelings for Dusty she hasn't even admitted to herself yet.

Katie will get comfort from her good friend Henry as well as getting emotionally and romantically involved with Mike, who will help her mend her broken heart. Jack will realize how much he loves Carly and they will patch up their relationship. Jack will be the father of Carly's baby.

There will be a long rape trial in store for Jessica who faces an uphill battle with a jury. The trial will cause tension for both Jessica and Ben, and Isaac and Bonnie. Long time friends of Jessica will also be tense when they support different sides.

Rosanna and Craig's relationship will face more tension when Craig finds out Rosanna has been helping Aaron and Lucy.

Lucy will get her memory back and that will cause her new relationship with Rosanna to be put to the test.

Hal and Emily's relationship will get stronger as they help Alison through her jury trial.

Alison and Chris will develop a romantic relationship.

3/7/03 by Loretta

As part of Alison's punishment for her crimes, she will be forced to perform several hours of community service in Oakdale. Nothing will stop Alison from continuing to come between Lucy and Aaron.

Rose and Paul will marry this summer against the wishes of Paul's mom, Barbara. As he has done in the past, Paul's father James Stenbeck, will find a way to attend his son's wedding.

Turning into a "Mrs. Robinson," Barbara Ryan will have a sleazy fling with the much younger Dusty Donovan who just happens to be the son of her deceased husband (Gunner St. Clair).

2/27/03 by Loretta

We will find out soon that Jack is the father of Carly's baby. Unfortunately Carly will lose the baby due to the severe stress she is going through. This tragedy will reunite Carly and Jack.

Fed up with Craig's nasty interference with his daughter Lucy's relationship with Aaron, Rosanna will reconsider-marrying Craig.

2/22/03 by Loretta

After Hal learns that Alison started the fire and let Will take the blame, he will start to turn against Emily. Sharp tongued- Barbara will also try to turn Hal even further against Emily. Emily will then seek comfort from Chris Hughes. Emily and Chris will find themselves falling in love with each other.

The more Lucy regains of her memory, she will realize that Aaron would never lie or cheat on her. After spending a few weeks away from him, Lucy will forgive Aaron, which will not please her father, Craig. Craig will continue to try and keep the two young lovers apart.

Marshall will find out that his daughter is alive. This will happen after Jessica makes an attempt to have her body brought back to Oakdale. This will cause more tension during Marshall's upcoming trial, especially between Jessica and Ben.

1/24/03 by Loretta

In exchange for assisting the FBI with information on a case, James Stenbeck will be allowed to go free. Once out of prison, he will again join up with his wife Barbara, this time to seek revenge on her for rejecting him.

Barbara will start to have feelings again for James and will question why she still does; after all he has put her through.

Jessica will be torn between Ben and Marshall. Jessica and Ben will reach an understanding, but she will once again be drawn to Marshall, which will cause more friction in her relationship with Ben. Jessica will help Marshall locate his daughter in Brazil and she will come to Oakdale.

Rosanna will forgive Craig for lying to her regarding Carly and her one nightstand. Rosanna will marry Craig but his feelings for Carly will stand in his way for happiness with Rosanna. Rosanna will prove to be a wonderful stepmother to Lucy.

1/19/03 by Suzanne

Marshall will hatch a devious plan to get even with Ben & Jessica.  Things will get really bad, almost deadly.  Someone unexpected will be his ally.

Hal has further problems with Will and it puts a strain on his marriage to Emily.

Alison will go to juvenile hall when the truth comes out.  She will meet someone in there that helps her out.

Lucy will get her memory back but she won't have the same feelings for Aaron that she did before.

Aaron will decide to go to college so he can be impress Lucy.  He will have feelings for one of his instructors.

Henry will come out of the closet.

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