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As The World Turns Fan Fiction Pages

ATWT Fan Fiction

"Key To My Heart" Part 2/4

Written by: Willy

Michelle Ray as Terri

Scene 1 : JT Hellstrom gets the courage to ask Terri Ciccone out to lunch. She's immediately taken in by him and knods excitedly! "Lunch sounds fantastic, where should we go ?" she asks curiously.

"Do you like Barbeque sandwhich's ?" he asks.

She smiles big.

Scene 2 : Barbara Ryan visits her son, Will Munson. She catches him out in his garage cleaning few boxes out.

"Son, are you looking for something ?" she asks, concerned

"Yes, Gwen lost her diary she writes everything in she can't find it so i offered to help i am thinking one of the maids put it up by mistake!" he hints.

She shows a surprised look. "Maids ?!"

He smiles, "It was Paul's idea he hired me like three maids during the week so i dont get bored being alone!" he replies.

Barbara wishes her son & Gwen would just reunite already.

To Be Continued...

Page updated 10/27/18

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