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ATWT Fan Event

"Catch Me If You Can" Tour Part 2

By Kat G.

The day goes on at UNC-Charlotte (N.C.) on Sept. 24, 2002 after Tiffany and I got our debut on ATWT as "extras". BTW, the show will be aired on Nov. 25 or the week of. I was still excited about the taping. And fans were still gathering to take a shot of their fave star. I got to take several more of Benjamin Hendrickson. He loves children too 'cause he signed a movie postcard from a fan. I wanted the postcards of the 3 teens, but couldn't find any until the end of the day, which were located in the bookstore.
The next scene was moved to another area just on the other side of the grass. Ben was leaning against a tree while a hairdresser done her duty. Chris Goutman was walking around the grassy area, while other crew (men and women) moved equipment towards the set. Ben came to talk to us while waiting for his cue. I liked the brick benches. Will Poston, who played "Sam" selling flowers for school spirit and offering the teens a job in the early part of the day, was sitting on the grass beside us with "gang green", etc. Let me tell you ladies, this blonde is cute! :-) Agim Kaba was walking around showing off his UNCC colors--green and white cap and shirt. He looked adorable. I didn't see much of Peyton List and Jessica Dunphy.

After a long delay, Mr. Goutman was ready to shoot! Nothing much to remember in this set. Ben was walking around in front of the camera, unlike before where he was acting like he was offering a ransom $ for the teens after showing their pics. to the T.V. audience. He was still looking for the 3 troublemakers. Extras and "gang green" walked on the sidewalk between the grass and Science Health Fair displays, and there were several "cuts" by Goutman. This was a pretty easy set to create. But he loved that things in the background looked so realistic.

Well taping was over. Next was lunch. We had to wait until our lunch companion, Ben, got changed on the bus and joined us. In the meantime, Tiff, Geraldine, and I talked a while. This was the perfect opportunity to take pics. of Agim, Peyton, and Jess. I didn't see much of Jess (like before), but Peyton and Agim were signing autographs. I could of shot several excellent pics. of Peyton, but fans kept getting in my way. Oh happens.

Let me tell you about Agim. He is very sweet, ladies! I had to get past several fans before moving up to see him. I stood by him and he said "Hi. What's your name?" "Kathy" I replied. He said it was nice to meet me and I responded back the same. I told him that I loved Lucy and Aaron together. He started clapping his hands and smiling!! It was so cute. :-) I told him they would be fine if Craig would leave them alone. He agreed. Then he said Craig (Hunt Block) and Holden (John Hensley) will be in Nashville, TN. on Sept. 25. I told him I didn't know Holden was on the tour also. Then I asked for a pic. He was glad to take one with me after we figured out where Tiffany was hiding herself and my camera! (Just kidding....but we did have to find where she was standing.) Then I said "bye" to Agim and told Tiff how sweet he was. Geraldine wanted a pic. with him. She met him and he kissed her on the cheek while I took a pic. It was cute! Then they smiled for another pic. together. (How does she get all this good luck?) :-)

O.K., so we're still waiting on Mr. Hendrickson. In the meantime, we went to the restroom, walked around, called our boyfriends (Tiff and I), and stayed in the area where Ben wanted us to meet him (at the last scene). We were having an awesome day! I did pick up a "mens" white baggie at the health fair by mistake. I just kept it so I can give to my boyfriend, and grabbed a "womens" bag for myself.

When Ben arrived, we talked and ate in a banquet room. I had to move out of the way to let Goutman by since he's a very busy man. But this time there sat on the buffet table roast beef, cream potatoes (the best I've tasted), asparagus, green beans, salad, cornbread, etc. This was the first time I ate asparagus and I wasn't impressed. We did thank the cook for a fine job though on everything! It was nice talking to the ATWT crew in the banquet room. We didn't eat dessert....but I would of loved to have tasted a piece of pecan pie! :-)

So it was off to do whatever for the rest of the day before Ben's plane took off. So we walked around the campus admiring the statues (one looked like a huge syringe Ben said) and other landscapes. I gave Tiff and Ben time to talk at times while I walked around the bookstore and cafeteria, watched R.O.T.C. perform outside, take more pics., etc. Then after a long time, we took Ben to the airport. We arrived early so we had to leave and come back again. We talked and rode around, etc. It was fun to hang out with our friend. On our tour, he got a call stating the New Orleans trip was cancelled 'cause of possible bad weather from storms or hurricanes coming into the area, and they were going to St. Louis in it's place. He was disappointed. (Sorry Ben!)

We arrived at the airport again for the final "tearful" farewell. It was kinda sad but had to be done. His plane left at 5:50 pm. :-( Then we headed back to Greensboro tired and talking about our day hours after we left Charlotte.

FINAL THOUGHTS--Ben is a gentleman (opening doors for ladies). He is as nice and sweet as Agim is. It was a wonderful day and was worth being out of work! (Don't let my boss read that!--LOL) Jessica and Peyton are pretty. Agim is smaller in size than I thought he was...but he does have muscles! :-) The crew also were nice to us. Tiff still wishes she got her pickaxe back that was stolen from her during our "T.V. scene". After all, Ben gave it to her! It was fun hanging around Ben all day. All this was worth getting up at 3:30 a.m.! We were so tired that night. Thanks to all those who had a part! This story could be longer, but I feel the conversations between Ben, Tiff, and I were told in confidence.

Here's a list of other crew and extras....Eric Alden was "Rick" who is a fan of the Oakdale teens and gave them $. "Gang green" members are..Rose Sprinkle, Brooke Woodell, Jared Castagna, Juliette Balencia, Kristy Simpson, Rachel Gutieruez, Memi Goodale, Jennifer Zinkelev, Travis Sweden, Shawn Turner, Samuel Forney, Frank Lopez, Will Adams, Anthony Puzylowfkai, Jason Hughes, Laterrian Wallace, Mercy Johnson, Nicole Palermo, John Fisher, and our friend--Geraldine Johnson! (Thanks to "The University Times" newspaper dated 9/12/02 for the names of the cast.) For more information on the story, etc...go to "". They have pics, too. Don't forget to check out my pics.!!!

Thanks for reading,

Pics from the event!

Page updated 6/6/11

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