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 "Catch Me If You Can" Bus Tour PART 1

By Kat G.

      Tuesday, September 24 was an amazing day! I didn't expect to have so much fun off work! Tiffany and I got up at 3:30 am. to get ready for 2 hours before leaving for UNCC (in Charlotte, N.C.) at 5:27. We were tired but excited. It was a good idea to eat at McDonald's in Concord before 7 to nourish our bodies before a long day. Personally I wasn't sure when we'd eat next, so I ate cereal at 4, then a sausage biscuit at the restaurant. Then we were on our way!!!!

      We arrived at UNCC about 7:45. It was still a little dark. Finding the campus wasn't hard, but finding where ATWT was being taped was really hard! Walking and walking we did and finally stopped at the bookstore. Sure the lady there knew where to go! She said to stop by the library and the answers would be there. O.K., well at least she kinda knew where the show was going to be taped! Luckily we stumbled across camera men.

       Peyton List (Lucy Montgomery) was beginning to tape her scenes outside the Cone building at the time. She was passing out green pickaxes made of foam of the college team to students that were selected for among 450 students who tried out at the casting call the week before. Things had to be just right for Chris Goutman. He had to 'cut' the scenes a few times. Lucy heard Hal (played by Benjamin Hendrickson) coming towards her from another walkway and scuffled away. Hal had earlier talked to Judy (played by Casey Gregolin) to find out where Lucy, Aaron, and Alison went. Judy lied and said she didn't know where the 3 teens were. That's when Hal went to look for them himself. He discovered the pickaxe at the steps and looked up as he wondered if it had anything to do with the troublemakers.   

      Walking around also was Agim Kaba (Aaron Snyder) and Jessica Dunphy (Alison Stewart). I got some pics. of all of them. It was hard for ATWT staff to keep UNCC folks away from the camera. But most looked surprised at the taping! All scenes were taped over and over again with a few 'cuts' inbetween.

      Then walking toward us was Ben, who was checking his cell phone messages. Tiff and I hollered his name! He finally saw us and he said he was checking the messages for Tiff's. He also met some fans who admired his work. Then he invited us to breakfast.

      Breakfast was nice!  Biscuits, gravy, sausage links, bacon, french toast, bagels, fruit, coffee, juices, etc. lined the tables of the building we were in. If we didn't eat at McDonald's, I would of helped myself to more than the fruit. Whatever picked was tasty, but we embarrassed Ben with the sausage gravy. What sausage we thought? It was much to be desired, esp. with this being the first time he experienced southern sausage gravy. But anyway, it was a nice day to eat outside and what a nice breakfast companion we had! We talked about the show and his personal life. Ben learned a little about us too. I love Tom Eplin and he told us some of their fishing stories. Let me tell you ladies, these men know how to fish and love every minute of it, esp. on Tom's boat! After a little while, I left Tiff and Ben to talk since it's been a while.

      What did I do? Go watch more ATWT taping! Aaron was handing out pickaxes this time to different students. Raising his arms up high and shouting for school spirit, the students gave him $ and enjoyed being in a part of the show. Across from him, Alison was talking to a student while 'gang green' chalked the sidewalks. 'Gang green' are a pride of UNCC. They wear team shirts (mostly green of course) and paint their faces green. Did I say green yet? :-) Aaron asked if Alison was going to talk all day or get to work! Lucy ran towards them and said they were being followed, so they all ran away down the sidewalk toward Aaron. And of course I took more pics.! All the actors and actresses who had a part in the taping got in several group pics.

      Next was exciting. Tiff and Ben met me at the taping scenes. After talking with them and other fans, Ben asked if we would like to be in a scene! I was stunned! I quickly agreed and we eventually lined the sidewalk to walk in a straight line paired up with friends and campus goers, to appear like we belonged. It was fun! I had taken my blue jean jacket off 'cause by 11 it was getting warm outside. But was warned by a friend we met there, Geraldine, that the camera hates white and stripes. So much for the audience seeing me better! :-) As we walked down the sidewalk, we acted like we were talking. Acting? That wasn't acting! We actually talked to each other to make things look real. We had to perform this several times. On the sidewalk where Alison once stood, was now Hal who was looking for the 3 teens.


Thanks for reading,


Page updated 6/6/11

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