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As The World Turns Fan Event Pages

ATWT Fan Event

2007 Fan Luncheon Photos By Annmarie

Pictures from the main luncheon on April 21, 2007
at the Marriott Marquis in New York City

Allie & AnnmarieAnnmarie with Ashley Marie Greiner (Faith) Alex, Kenneth, & ZachAlex Charak (Elwood), Kenneth Franklin (Dallas) & Zach Roerig (Casey) Alex Charak (Elwood) & Kenneth Franklin (Dallas)
Alexandra Chando (Maddie) & Annmarie's parents Alex Charak (Elwood), Annmarie & Kenneth Franklin (Dallas) Kenneth Franklin (Dallas)
Austin Peck (Brad) Jesse Lee Soffer (Will), Annmarie & Jennifer Landon (Gwen) Allie Gorenc (Sage)
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda) Trent Dawson (Henry), Ewa da Cruz (Vienna), & Annmarie Daniel Manche (J.J.)
Maura West (Carly), Terri Garber (Iris), and Annmarie Kenneth Franklin (Dallas), Ewa da Cruz (Vienna), and Trent Dawson (Henry) Mick Hazen (Parker), Daniel Manche (J.J.), and Allie Gorenc (Sage)
Martha Byrne (Lily)      
Annmarie & Terri Colombino (Katie)
Scott Bryce (Craig) & Ellen Dolan (Margo)
Zach Roerig (Casey), Annmarie & Alexandra Chando (Maddie)      
Zach Roerig (Casey) & Alexandra Chando (Maddie)
Van Hansis (Luke), Annmarie, Jake Silbermann (Noah), & Elena Goode (Jade)
Eileen Fulton (Lisa) Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda), Eileen Fulton (Lisa), Don Hastings (Bob), & Jennifer Landon (Gwen) Mick Hazen (Parker), Daniel Manche (J.J.), Allie Gorenc (Sage), & Maura West (Carly)
  Group cast pictures  

Pictures from Trent Dawson's Event "Martini's With Henry"

Trent Dawson (Henry)
Trent Dawson (Henry) & Ewa da Cruz (Vienna)
Annmarie & Ewa da Cruz (Vienna)
Austin Peck (Brad) Annmarie & Austin Peck (Brad) Austin Peck (Brad) & Trent Dawson (Henry)
Brian Gaskill (ex-B.J.)
Brian Gaskill (ex-B.J.), Annmarie, & Trent Dawson (Henry) Trent Dawson (Henry) & Brian Gaskill (ex-B.J.)
Brian Gaskill (ex-B.J.) and Annmarie Trent Dawson (Henry) with fan gift     

You can find more pics at Trent Dawson's Official Site!

Page updated 6/6/11

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