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2006 ATWT Luncheon Photos & Description

By Annmarie

On April 22, 2006 I woke up at 5:00 to get ready for the luncheon; I was so excited! My mom and I went to the train station around 8:50am and we arrived at 9:05 am. We went on the platform, and the driver had to have seen us. He left, in the train, without us. It was horrible because we were in the rain. So, we took the next train.  We got to the city around 10:15am. My mom and I were waiting for a taxi; it was really crowded.  We got a taxi 20 minutes later, and then we went off to the Marriot Marquis-- we were so excited! When we got dropped off, it was like a maze to get in the hotel.  I had to ask someone how to get inside the hotel; I guess where the driver dropped us off was on the other side. The elevators were pretty neat. We checked in our coats and waited online to get our table number and our gift bag. My Mom and I had gotten our wrist bands that say table #2-- how exciting was that? Then we got a goody bag with Soap Opera Digest, A key chain, and a pen.

So then, my mom and I went shopping.  I bought pictures of some of the actors, and I bought other things, also. Then I bought a lot of raffle tickets for a chance to win a studio tour. There was a pretty nice raffle, where you could put your tickets in any of the cups, they were numbered, and also they had other things you could win like Katie's clothes , a picture of Tom, Henry's T-shirt ( Which I won), Alison's purse, and an Oakdale Police Department shirt. After all the shopping ,at 12:00pm we were told to go sit at our seats. So, it was actually very cute how all the fans were walking fast to get a seat. As we sat down, we got served our salad, and chicken with veggies; dessert also was on the table like little pastries-- everything was delicious.  After we were done eating, they announced the winners for the raffle tickets, so I found out I won Henry's shirt.

After they announced the raffle winners, fan club president Mindi showed us bloopers with Katie, Mike, Maddie, Carly, and Jack.  My favorite one was When Maddie was trying to break up Mike and Katie.  Maddie says, "Come on, Katie" and they both were walking, and Maddie and Katie fell on the floor face-first, and you heard Mike say, "Oh my God, are you girls ok?"  I could not stop laughing; it was so funny.  As all of us were watching this, we saw Martha Byrne (Lily) and Terri Colombino (Katie) peek out. Also, Mindi showed us clips of a video that was made with all of them in it.  As it was finished, all the actors were listed, one by one. I could not believe how many fans were there, standing up, clapping their hands for Helen Wagner; it was so amazing how many fans watch the same show as I do.  Grayson McCouch (Dusty) was not there yet, but he was supposed to be, so  Michael Park (Jack) said, "if you see Dusty, let us know".  Then we were told to wait on the actor's lines for autographs and pictures.  Well, of course I went on Mark & Terri's ( Mike & Katie's) line first.  I was so excited to meet them. I gave Mark a birthday card, my business card (for my website ). "He said, "That was so nice of you! Can I open the card up now?" So I said, "Sure".  I took a picture with both of them.  They signed my pictures and my As The World Turns T-shirt ,and I told Mark and Terri that they are two of my favorite actors on the show.  (You can see the autographed pictures!)

Then I went on Alexandra's & Zach's (Maddie &Casey) line.  I took a picture with the both of them, and they signed my shirt.   Alexandra signed a picture of her that I had bought.  I so wanted to go on Maura & Michael's line (Jack & Carly's), but the line was soo long.  Then I went on Trent & Jordan's Line (Henry& NIck's).   Trent signed the Henry T-shirt that I won.  Also, I took pictures with the both of them. I lost my mom-- LOL! and I finally found her-- she was on Jennifer & Jesse's line (Will & Gwen).  So I went with her because she wanted me to take a picture of her with them.  While I was there, I gave Jesse a birthday card, and Jen & Jesse signed my picture that I bought of them. Then my mom and I went on Martha & Elizabeth's line (Lily& Lucinda) , and Anne & Kristina's (Mitzi & Abigail),, and  Elena, Van, & Karl's (Jade, Luke, & Kevin), and Anthony & Patricia (James& Ellen)'s.  My mom and I got all of their autographs.

It was almost 4pm, just about time to leave, but then my mom said that she wanted to go  on Mark& Terri's line ( Mike& Katie).  So, we went there and it was funny because I was already on their line before, and my mom said, "Annmarie, they must be wondering why you are on their line again". So, I said to Mark & Terri that my mom would love to meet you and get your autograph, so they gave it to her.  I asked them to sign a picture that I bought that they were both in; they signed it . Then it was time to leave, so my mom & I went outside.  Guess who passed us? It was Maura (Carly) going to the bank outside the hotel.  My mom and I said,  "Hi, Maura!" and she said hi back, and right away she put her sunglasses on. It was not sunny, so I guess she wanted to disguise herself.  When she was leaving the bank, Michael (Jack) was with her.  I was wondering how he got there so quick because I did not see him pass by in front of us. So they walked in front of me, and my mom had to go back into the hotel.  We said, "Bye", and they said bye back to us.

It was a rainy day, but it was worth meeting the cast from As The World Turns. I am looking forward to attending next year as well!

Click on the thumbnail pic to see the larger one!

Alexandra Chando (Maddie) Annmarie with Alexandra and Zach Roerig (Casey) with Jordan Woolley (Nick) with Trent Dawson (Henry)

with mom, Martha Byrne (Lily), and Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda) with Karl Girolamo (Kevin), Van Hansis (Luke) and Elena Goode (Jade)   with Mark Collier (Mike) and Terri Colombino (Katie)

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) Mark Pinter (ex-Brian) Anthony Herrera (James) with Patrica Bruder (ex-Ellen)

Don Hastings (Bob) Eileen Fulton (Lisa) Ellen Dolan (Margo) Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda), Jennifer Landon (Gwen), and Marie Masters (Susan).

Jennifer Landon (Gwen), and Jesse Sofer (Will). Mark Pinter (ex-Brian) John James (ex-Rick) and Marie Masters (Susan) Marie Wilson (Meg)

Mark Collier (Mike)   Terri Colombino (Katie) Anne Sayre (ex-Mitzi) and Kristina Sisco (ex-Abigail)

Martha Byrne (Lily)   with Michael Park (Jack)  

Michael Park and Maura West (Carly)    

Various group pictures of the cast

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