ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 9/15/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 9/15/10


Provided By Wanda

Craig: May I have your attention, please?

Margo: Oh, I knew he was gonna do something stupid.

Tom: Why don't you just go arrest him now? Save us all some time.

Craig: I'd like to propose a toast.

Jack: I should have gotten rid of him earlier.

Carly: You -- you had your chance. You lost it.

Jack: No, no, no. No, I didn’t.

Craig: Jack, hold on. You might like this.

Jack: I doubt it.

Craig: Well, just give me a chance anyway. Carly, what do you think?

Carly: Oh, Craig, don't make me regret this.

Craig: I can tell by all your reactions that you think I'm gonna make this toast all about me, that I'll infuriate and humiliate Jack and Carly.

Tom: And you're saying we're wrong?

Craig: I submit, Counselor, that if Carly and Jack can turn over a new leaf, so can I. Here are three words I thought I would never say -- you belong together. You do. I doubted it. But I'm sure of it now. I wish you every happiness.

Rosanna: What made you suddenly decide to take the high road?

Craig: All kinds of reasons.

Rosanna: Why don't you name one?

Craig: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Excuse me?

Craig: I want you to like me again, even if it's just a little. How am I doing?

Rosanna: Well, let's just say you've moved up from being detestable to -- barely tolerable.

Craig: It's a start.

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