ATWT Best Lines Thursday 9/9/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 9/9/10


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Chris: Yeah, but how am I supposed to live with that -- I mean, knowing that every breath I take for the rest of my life will be because of him?

Katie: Is that so terrible, that you get to have a life?

Chris: No, that's not what I meant.

Katie: Well, that's what it sounded like, and I don't like it. You're sounding like Reid at his worst, all full of pride and ego. Oh, poor, put-upon Chris. I could strangle you right now.

Chris: Well, then, you would undo all of john's hard work.

Katie: This is not funny. You get a second chance at life. And if you spend one more minute feeling guilty about how you got that chance, you will not only dishonor Reid, but the amazing gift that he gave you.

Chris: Katie, I --

Katie: No, you owe Reid joy -- joy that you get to live and that every little breath you take for the rest of your life will be because of him. Otherwise, you might as well be dead. So suck it up, Hughes.

John: Don't sell yourself short, old girl of mine. You shouldn't live for business. You've got it in you to change.

Lucinda: Oh, he's a doctor, he's a personal motivator.

John: We should worry more about the people we love, not about things and power and control. If you got that, you've got it made.

Lucinda: Speak for yourself, john. And don't call me "old girl."

John: Would you like me to speak to lily?

Lucinda: Oh, good heavens, no. Please don't. Look, I appreciate -- I do. I appreciate your interest, your time, and your pep talk, even though, you know, such as it was. Lily's a lost cause. Okay. You really have to go.

John: There's just one thing you've got wrong.

Lucinda: Only? Only one? How refreshing?

John: I do know you. I've always known you. I would go so far as to say that nobody before or since we were together has known you better. I'm -- I'm glad you're not sick anymore. I'm very, very glad.

Angus: You don't know much about chess, do you?

Lily: Oh, no. I'm sorry. I don't.

Angus: See this? This is the knight my nephew was about to move at that last tournament just before he walked away.

Holden: You carry it around?

Angus: All the time. This piece has a little history to it. Um, back when Reid was, um, I don't know, 8 or 9, he -- he made a stupid, boneheaded move with this knight. Cost him the game.

Lily: Doesn't sound so terrible.

Angus: Wasn't thinking. Made me madder than hell.

Holden: You still sound mad.

Angus: There's no excuse for not paying attention. So I took this knight, and I pressed it into his sweaty, little hand until he yelped with pain, and I told him "this is what it feels like to lose." It's sharp, and it stings, and sometimes it leaves a mark that doesn't go away so fast.

Lily: What did Reid do?

Angus: He won the next 45 matches. Years later, um, long after he, uh -- he quit chess, uh, I got this in the mail from him, along with a note that said, um -- it said, um, "I graduated from medical school. Checkmate."

Holden: Sounds just like Reid.

Angus: I've kept this in my pocket ever since to remind me what it feels like to fail. Here. You give that to your son.

Lily: Luke has had plenty of reminders in his life of how painful failure is.

Angus: Not for that. It's -- it's to remind him of Reid, who I guess in the end, um -- he didn't fail at all, did he?

Lily: No, he didn't. Thank you.

Holden: For everything.

Angus: Its your move now.

Chris: Come here, baby.

Katie: Chris --

Chris: I have a serious question for you, now that I have Reid's heart beating in my chest.

Katie: Yeah?

Chris: Will I just be eating junk food and acting like a horse's ass the way he did?

Katie: No. You're gonna get really, really old with me.

Chris: But -- I don't know -- can we go dancing first? Because you did promise me.

Katie: We are gonna do more things than you've ever dreamed possible. That is a promise, too.

Chris: I'm gonna hold you to it.

Katie: Good. You'd better.

Chris: Still ticking.

Katie: Good and strong. You know what I want to do?

Chris: Besides dancing and having kids, making me build swing sets for them?

Katie: I want to spend the rest of my life falling asleep to the sound of this beautiful beating heart.

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