ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 9/8/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 9/8/10


Provided By Wanda

John: Well, I'm sorry that you're still having trouble with Lily. Go easy on the Bloody Marys, huh? Don't let them bleed into lunch.

Lucinda: Mm. I intend to have them bleed all the way into dinner and then beyond. Thank you.

John: Maybe you'd better fill me in here.

Lucinda: I was trying to bring down Craig Montgomery. For the good of humanity.

John: It's a relief to know that you are still such a selfless person.

Lucinda: I wouldn't be where I am today if I were selfish and conniving.

John: Yeah. But what's a girl to do, you know? Okay, so, anyway, you going after Craig Montgomery -- what -- what's that about?

Lucinda: My plan was working. And then something happened, and Lily got hurt. It was my fault, my fault. Emotionally hurt. She doesn't know what half of what I went through in all of this.

John: And what is it that you went through?

Lucinda: Well, I had to take certain risks. I had to take risks.

John: Such as?

Lucinda: If I were gonna tell you, you'd know what I'd have to do. In pursuit of the prize, I had to, you know, engage some rather unsavory characters. Various and sundry denizens of the demimonde, if you know what I mean?

John: You -- you went to the mob. Which one?

Lucinda: Oh, John, it's not like it used to be. There are factions. There -- there are offshoots. There are copycats. There's wannabes.

John: Yes, yes, but as long as I've known you, you've only settled for the genuine article. So? Come on. What happened?

Lucinda: Chaos, chaos. I thought I had everything under control. But this time, I -- I just pushed things a step too far. And I -- it cost me the one person that I love most in the whole world.

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