ATWT Best Lines Friday 9/3/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 9/3/10


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Henry: You are not a coward, Katie. You're the bravest person I know.

Katie: No. A brave person would be with the person she loves who's fighting for his life, not hiding out in a graveyard, feeling sorry for herself.

Henry: You need Brad's help, and there is no shame in that.

Katie: But he's gone. I can't depend on him anymore. But here I am. Instead of being with a living person, I'm talking to a stone.

Henry: I do the same thing.

Katie: You do?

Henry: Yeah. I do it all the time. It helps. Hell, I -- I came up here a couple of months ago with a bottle of Scotch, and I -- I matched him one for one. I'd take a shot, and I'd pour one into the ground. And we just went on and on and on like that till I passed out and I woke up the next morning and --

[Katie laughs]

Henry: I know. And I realized I had destroyed this whole patch of grass over here. I got the groundskeeper to take care of it before you noticed. The point -- the point is sweetie, I think it takes a lot more strength and courage to go on with your life and keep Brad in your heart than to just lock his memory away somewhere in your mind because it hurts too much to remember.

Katie: No, no. I could never do that.

Henry: I know you couldn't. That's why I love you so much. You got to stop being so hard on yourself. This is tough stuff.

Katie: It's just even though I've known Chris forever, I just found him.

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: And the thought of losing him, of having to say goodbye and let him go --

Henry: You don't have to let him go. Brad's love is still inside of you and in Jacob's, and that's forever. Yeah, bad stuff happens in life and people die. But the only way to skip out on the hard part is just to, I don't know, lock yourself up and -- and refuse love anyone but yourself. You can always choose that option if you want.

Katie: It doesn't feel like it.

Henry: No, it doesn't, because you don't have a cowardly bone in your body. How many times you and I have just kissed each other off for good? And we always came back to each other, right? Because we care. We're not getting weaker and more afraid. We're getting stronger, and we're getting braver. That's what life's all about. I, uh -- I can't tell you what to do, but --

Katie: What?

Henry: Whatever decision you make, you should make it soon?

Katie: Henry -- how fast can you get me to the hospital?

Katie: Chris, you want to know what I think? How dare you sacrifice yourself for me. You think I can't handle you being a little sick? Is that how little faith you have in me?

Chris: No. Of course I have faith in you.

Katie: You don't want me and your parents to watch you die. That's what you said, right? How is dying sooner gonna make it any easier? We haven't had very much time together. Don't you want that?

Chris: Katie, of course, I want that.

Katie: Then listen to your doctor. Pick one. These three men are the best at what they do. You know that.

Chris: I know. I know that. But their -- their judgment is clouded right now.

Katie: Why?! 'Cause they don't want you to give up? You think if you wee just some stranger off the street, they wouldn't care? That's not true.

Chris: Katie -- you don't understand.

Katie: Yes, I do. I understand just as much as anyone in this room. And I think what you're doing is the furthest thing from noble. I think it's cruel and cowardly! You're not near sick enough to give up fighting!

Chris: It's my heart. My heart is giving out.

Katie: And John and Bob and Reid are doing everything they can to get you a new one. You need to do your part and hold on until that happens!

Chris: Katie, that might not happen.

Katie: So we'll deal with it then. Please, please, just at least try. I need you. Jacob needs you. And I don't care if you have wires hanging out of your chest for the next year. At least you'll be here with us. Just wait. When the time is right, you will get the heart that was meant for you, okay? And then John will fix you. And in the meantime, we'll spend that time just getting to know everything we can about each other.

Chris: I want that, Katie.

Katie: So do I. So please don't cheat us out of that. Nobody who loves you wants to be spared.

Chris: Katie, you've already been through too much.

Katie: And I haven't given up. I can handle it. I can handle all of this, okay, if you let me. I want us to start our life together. So you're stuck with me. I'm gonna sit here at your bedside and beat you at cards and make you watch ballroom-dancing shows until you understand why I love them so much. And when you get your new heart and you're all healthy, we're gonna take tango lessons, and we're gonna go out dancing with Barbara and Henry. We're gonna give them a run for their money. We have so many memories still to make together, and you're gonna want to be there for them, 'cause it is going to be an incredible, meaningful, beautiful life.

Luke: Well, it looks like things are turning out better.

Reid: Yeah, well, it ain't over till that fat nurse over in Pediatrics sings.

Reid: You wanted to see me?

Chris: I just wanted to, um, congratulate the new chief of staff in person.

Reid: Oh, shut up. You know I don't want the job that way.

Chris: No.

Reid: But seeing as you're on death's door, I might as well admit that I did steal that grant from you back in med school.

Chris: I knew it.

Reid: Yeah, well -- well, this time, I'm not gonna have to cheat to kick your ass, 'cause you're gonna get that heart, you're gonna jog out of here, and then I will dismantle you fair and square.

Chris: Come here.

Reid: Yeah, you gonna hit me?

Chris: No.

Reid: I like my chances.

Chris: Take care of Katie.

Katie: Beat it, roomie. I want some quality time with the patient

Luke: What are you doing?

Reid: I'm gonna go to bay city, pick up that heart. Then I'm gonna bring it back here and make sure it's put in Chris Hughes' chest, where it belongs.

Luke: Reid, wait.

Reid: What?

Luke: I understand that you're used to getting whatever you want, but even you can't walk into some strange hospital, grab a donor heart, and put it in your cooler and walk away.

Reid: Watch me.

Luke: Reid --

Reid: What?

Luke: I could kiss you for wanting to do this, but you can't. There's too many risks involved.

Reid: You heard what Dixon said. Some hotshot doctor stole Chris' heart like it's some kind of a chess piece.

Luke: Reid --

Reid: This is Chris' heart. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some arrogant, self-proclaimed savior of mankind take it away.

Luke: That's weird. I seem to remember another surgeon who was an arrogant, self-proclaimed savior of mankind.

Reid: Yeah. Wonder what happened to him.

Luke: Reid, Reid, wait.

Reid: Quit trying to stop me. I'm going.

Luke: I know you are. I'm going with you, just to make sure you don't get arrested or anything. Is that okay?

Reid: You can't.

Luke: Why not?

Reid: This has to be handled doctor to doctor, all right? Let me do what I do best -- make trouble.

Luke: Dammit it, Reid. You're not angry because some surgeon's pulling rank. You're fighting for Chris because you give a damn about him and his family.

Reid: Okay, fine. I have to do this for Bob and Kim, even though she can't stand me, and Katie. And Chris, too. He shouldn't be chief of staff. That's my job. But not because he croaks at the finish line.

Luke: That would hardly be sporting.

Reid: Look, don't get any ideas about me, okay? I'm still the same selfish jerk. I've spent my whole life going up against people with money and power that they didn't do a damn thing to earn. I have. I have earned the right to throw my weight around. I've got a great reason. I'm not gonna pass up the opportunity.

Luke: Okay. Just don't -- don't punch anyone's lights out.

Reid: I'm not making any promises. Hey, do me a favor. Don't tell anybody where I'm going, okay? Because Chris will get all brave and noble, Bob will default to protocol and procedure, and Katie and Kim will chew their fingers off with worry. I have enough pressure as it is. I love you. There. I said it.

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