ATWT Best Lines Friday 8/27/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 8/27/10


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Henry: It's my turn to speak, Barbara. Let me -- let me finish.

Barbara: I would if you were making any sense here.

Henry: Don't speak. You were right about the family. I -- I heard what Paul said. And I don't agree with him on much, but he's right. I am Stenbeck's son.

Barbara: So what? So is Paul.

Henry: I rest my case. He's not exactly a beacon of sanity.

Barbara: Oh, come on, Henry. Who is?

Henry: You'd be surprised. A lot of people are. There's a lot of normal people out there with normal, ordinary lives.

Barbara: And it's all utterly boring.

Henry: Yes, it is. I -- I agree with you. I -- I wouldn't know. I've never even tried normal. And you've had enough insanity in your life to last a -- a dozen lives. What you -- what you deserve is -- is peace and love and happiness.

Barbara: And I feel all of those things when I'm with you, and none of them are boring.

Henry: Yeah, but you -- you can't live on red alert all the time. It's too much to ask of you.

Barbara: That's my decision. That's my --

Henry: I'm a Sten -- I'm a Stenbeck, which means I'm probably cursed.

Barbara: So you're saying you can't marry me because of bad DNA?

Henry: Yeah. That's -- that's the only reason.

Barbara: Well, polish up those rings, Henry, because we're gonna do it.

Henry: No, no, no. I can't do that to you.

Barbara: Yes, we are. We are. You know what? You know what? I'm not gonna let the memory of James Stenbeck keep us from getting married, because that man has taken too much away from me in my life. And if that happens, he wins again. And I will not let him take one more second of happiness away from me, because I don't want to live one more second without you.

Henry: You're not thinking this through.

Barbara: Really, with all the time that I've had on my hands lately?

Henry: James destroyed every life that he touched.

Barbara: Look at me, Henry. Look at me. Do I look destroyed?

Henry: You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I -- I can't risk hur -- hurting you again. I can't do it.

Barbara: You won't.

Henry: God help me, you make me believe that's true.

Barbara: It is. This isn't about James or Paul or anyone else. This is about us. I want to be with you. I have no doubt about that.

Henry: Neither do I. Neither do I. To hell with them. To hell with all the rest of them. Let's do it. Let's get married. Let's do it. Let's do it today.

Barbara: It's not that simple. We need a license, you know?

Henry: Sweetheart, I got that the moment you said yes. What do you say? Will you marry me?

Barbara: As soon as I finish kissing you, I'm calling the judge.

Barbara: We can do this. Just keep looking at me, okay? I have never been a woman who's known her own limits. My entire life, I've gone to extremes to protect the people that I love. And people have called me crazy and cruel and vicious. And yes, I've been all that. I mean, not all the time, but occasionally. And then I got cancer, and I knew I wouldn't be here forever. I knew that the world would keep on turning without me. But I fought, and I won, and I survived. But I felt damaged. And then one day, Henry, you looked at me. You looked at me, and my heart stopped, and my world changed, and I felt desirable. And all of a sudden, I realized it didn't really matter anymore what kind of man I thought was suitable or appropriate, because even though I was cancer-free, none of us knows what's gonna happen tomorrow. And so I don't care anymore what people think of me, what they think I should do. My life, my choices. And in return, I have no right to judge anyone else. We all have a certain amount of time on this earth, and I have squandered so much of my own. But whatever time I have left, I want to spend in love with you. Your turn. Come on. You can do this.

Henry: Uh -- you don't have a monopoly on crazy, Barbara. I think, uh, my family could give your family a run for its money. I'd like to pass myself as the sane one, but I, uh -- I don't think it's legal to lie in front of a judge, so -- I'll just, uh, say that I try to fake it very well. I've run a diner and a club and try to be a normal businessman. Gave up all my vices, many times. But I, uh -- I like to drink and gamble and make impulsive decisions, like this wedding. This wedding -- when we first got together, I -- I thought I was doing something wrong, something taboo, and it scared me. It really scared me. And the more I got to know you, the more comfortable I became, the happier I became. And it -- it, uh, scared me even more. I scare easily, but that's not the point. The point is that, um, you -- you showed me that what may be wrong for other people isn't necessarily wrong for me -- or for you. You showed me that I didn't have to be normal or responsible or in recovery. God, I can just be -- I can be Henry. I can be indulgent and -- and reckless and overdramatic and, uh -- and a coward. I can be a coward. The more time I spent with you, the more I forgot about being scared. And now when I'm with you, I, uh -- I'm not afraid of anything, not even my own nature. Do you know how huge that is? Not even my own nature. And do you know why? Because you don't want to change me, and I don't want to change you either. And you're not perfect, and I'm not perfect, but together, we make some kind of perfect something. I don't know what the hell it is. And that's how I know that we're right for each other. I -- respect your experience, and I admire your beauty, but I am in awe. I am in awe of your courage. And I, uh -- I love you with all my heart and soul.

Katie: Sorry brad can't be here to be your best man, but I'm available.

Henry: I think it's fitting that an occasional cross-dresser like myself should have a gender-jumbled wedding party.

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