ATWT Best Lines Thursday 8/26/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 8/26/10


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Reid: Hey, Goldilocks, did you use my toothbrush?

Katie: No.

Reid: Somebody used it. I don't think it was Jacob.

Katie: What makes you think someone used it?

Reid: Because it was in the right slot, facing to the right. I always keep it in the left slot, facing to the left.

Katie: Why would you do that?

Reid: 'Cause I'm a rigid, methodical person and it comforts me.

Katie: You are stranger than I thought.

Reid: Now I have to sterilize this thing.

Katie: I know what probably happened. I bet Chris used it by accident.

Reid: [Groans] Why would Doogie be brushing his teeth in this house?

Katie: Why do you think, Reid?

Reid: Did he stay here? Did you sleep with him?

Katie: Brain surgeons are smart.

Paul: She's with Henry.

Will: You know that for a fact? You saw her?

Paul: Oh, I saw more of her than I wanted to.

Will: She's all right?

Paul: She's better than all right. She seems satisfied.

Emily: Yeah, I think he's trying to tell you that Barbara and Henry spent the night together.

Paul: Spent the night together. I could burn horrible images into your brain.

Will: Hmm. Sounds primal.

Paul: Thank you, Sigmund.

Emily: Will you stop? It's just sex.

Paul: She's our mother.

Will: You know, a shrink would have a field day with you. Uh, let's get out of here. Can I take some of this for you?

Henry: Barbara and I are in love, and we are getting married. Now, you can either get on board with that, or you can get the hell out of the way!

Emily: Can we just take it down a notch, please? You misunderstood him.

Henry: Did I?

Emily: Yes, you did. If you marry Barbara, of course we're gonna be happy for you.

Henry: We are getting married. There's no ifs about it.

Paul: Okay, Henry, why now? Really, what's the rush?

Henry: I -- I don't know, Paul. Maybe because I almost just lost Barbara.

Paul: Exactly. You've both been through a very traumatic situation. Don't you -- don't you think that you should take a -- a moment and kind of collect yourselves before you make a major life decision like this?

Henry: We've waited long enough already.

Paul: But you didn't wait though, did you, Henry? You married a Swedish girl.

Henry: Oh, my god! I -- I already admitted that that was a mistake! What -- what is it with you? Why -- why can't you let your mother be happy for once?

Paul: Because I don't think my mother really even knows how to be happy! But I'm pretty sure that long-term, it's very unlikely that she will be happy with you.

Henry: You really are his son.

Paul: When you two had this relationship on the side, this secret thing that you were doing, that was one thing, okay? But you get married, and all of a sudden, you're gonna be dealing with the public. You're gonna be -- you're gonna have to deal with other people.

Henry: We don't care what other people think. We don't care what other people think.

Paul: Well, maybe you don't, but my mother does. She's a lot more conservative than people think. And when people start whispering about you're half her age, about how you're her stepson --

Henry: I am not her stepson.

Paul: You are going to hurt my mother, Henry, deeply.

Henry: You don't know her at all.

Paul: I know her a lot better than you think that you do. It's a whole can of worms. Henry, don't open the can of worms.

Henry: Paul, Paul, take your can of worms and shove it.

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