ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 8/24/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 8/24/10


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Lucinda: Speaking of prison, aren't you officially an inmate?

Ralph: Yeah. So?

Lucinda: Well, shouldn't there be some kind of a law-enforcement officer around here somewhere? [Laughs]

Ralph: Well, your connections with the governor -- they must run really deep, because, uh, as soon as they got the phone call, they couldn't spring me fast enough. I am free as a bird. All I'm wearing is a piece of ankle jewelry.

Lucinda: And that's it? But you're --

Ralph: I'm a what?

Lucinda: Well, you're -- you're -- you're a kidnapper. You're an attempted murderer.

Ralph: So are half the people that live in this nutty town that you're in. Oh, and uh, I got this as well. It's going to give me some extra time on the outside.

Lucinda: [Scoffs] A furlough for the -- the funeral of -- of a family member?

Ralph: Yeah. Sweet, huh? But I -- I couldn't have done this without you greasing the wheels, Mary Ellen, so thank you.

Craig: But then again, she is such a forgiving soul. Who knows? The way things are going between she and I, it could be nice. You and me, in-laws again, just like the good old days.

Lucinda: Craig -- what are you after?

Craig: Everything you've got, Lucinda. But for now, I'll just call you Mom.

Craig: That's assault! Witness! Find some witnesses! I'm gonna make you pay for that!

Lucinda: Pay? I'm through with paying! And from now on, you're gonna understand what that word really means.

Craig: You're threatening me after you pushed me in the pool?

Lucinda: You called me a foul name.

Craig: "Mom"?

Lucinda: Never call me that again. You are not my family, nor will you ever be, and you cannot have my daughter!

Carly: Well, either they are all very discreet, or blackthorn is. Nobody has seen or heard anything. I thought you might be trying to ditch me.

Jack: I thought about that.

Carly: What changed your mind?

Jack: I want to get this right. If blackthorn's committed a crime, I don't want him getting off because I didn't play by the rules.

Carly: And I -- I help you play by the rules?

Jack: Sometimes. I know. You didn't see that one coming, did you? Ow!

Carly: You deserve that.

Jack: But all the time I love you.

Carly: Oh, jack --

Jack: No. Don't say anything. Listen, I don't -- you don't have to make up your mind about where we're going before you're ready, all right? I just want you to know that I've already made up mine.

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