ATWT Best Lines Monday 8/9/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 8/9/10


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Luke: Well, you've got your facts and figures down pat.

Reid: I have a photographic memory.

Luke: Hmm. Must have come in handy at med school. Oh, that brings me to -- wardrobe. What are you gonna wear?

Reid: Clothes.

Luke: Again, it is painfully obvious that you need me in your life. Don't wear your lab coat, okay?

Reid: Why not?

Luke: It says doctor.

Reid: I am a doctor.

Luke: I know. But nobody there is gonna be in their uniforms. They're gonna make an effort to look halfway decent, and you need to do the same. But don't wear a suit and tie, either, because that's just way overkill, and it screams arrogance.

Reid: Why do I feel like I'm on one of those makeover shows?

Luke: You know, you should wear chinos, a polo, and a jacket.

Luke: That says professional, yet casual. "I'm a regular guy, and I'm comfortable with myself."

Reid: I am comfortable with myself.

Luke: Yes, but don't be overly pleased with yourself like a stuck-up brain surgeon.

Reid: I am a stuck-up brain surgeon.

Luke: Reid, the point is, you're gonna be meeting with people who are very proud of their work. They're very hardworking. You can't come off as superior to them. Which brings me to interpersonal relationships.

Reid: Ah, the dreaded talking to people skills that I lack.

Luke: And body language. So just smile a lot. Genuinely. And break the ice by talking about, uh, baseball or -- or the weather, something that everybody can relate to.

Reid: As opposed to what?

Luke: As opposed to your own brilliance.

Reid: In other words, don't be myself.

Luke: Be approachable. Be nice.

Reid: Okay, are we done? 'Cause I really need to rush home and find the perfect chinos/polo jacket combination so I can look as unlike myself as possible.

Luke: I hurt your feelings, and I'm sorry. But you wanted me to coach you on this type of thing.

Reid: Yeah, I did -- I mean I do. It's not you. I'm worried about this patient and -- I'll see you at Al's. I'm gonna be the surgeon dressed like Fred Rogers.

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