ATWT Best Lines Friday 8/6/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 8/6/10


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Barbara: Help! Help, paul!

Iris: Enough, babs. Good thing these walls are thick, you know?

[Barbara coughing] Oh, yeah, right, lady. You know what they say? Fool me twice. Choke until you can't choke no more.


Paul: No, no, no. Stay here. Hang out with the kids. I'll call you if anything turns up.

Emily: O -- kay. Do you not find it the least bit ironic that the men are going out to take care of the dirty work, and here we are, taking care of the children?

Gwen: Not really, but I think when he said "children," unfortunately, he meant my mom.

Emily: Oh, yeah. You got a point. Eliza and hallie -- they can pretty much take care of themselves, unlike your mother


Paul: We're leaving. That clown is staring at me.

Henry: The police won't help us unless there's physical evidence. But what if there isn't any?

Will: What are you saying? That whoever took our mother committed the perfect crime, and that's why you can't find anything?

Henry: I don't have the equipment to do a thorough search of this place, and the police won't bother, so we have to forget about what we can see and try a whole new investigation.

Paul: Where are you going with this?

Henry: When something terrible happens in a place, it leaves behind bad juju. It's -- it's in the air. It's in the molecules. It -- it alters the feel of a place.

Paul: What are you talking about?

Henry: Juju. It's the psychic evidence of a struggle. It's the energized remnants of people's misdeeds.

Paul: No. No such thing as juju.

Henry: Yes. It's all around us.

Paul: We're in a warehouse. That's a creepy, ugly clown doll, and you're a certifiable lunatic.

Henry: Wait. Will, you -- you believe me. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Will: No. No, not really.

Henry: What if I could, uh, find someone who could, uh, change your mind on that?

Will: What, like a psychic? Where are you gonna find a psychic, henry?

Henry: I'm looking at him now.

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