ATWT Best Lines Thursday 8/5/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 8/5/10


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Katie: Well, henry, are you with the police? Because you know you always get yourself into trouble when you act like nancy drew.

Henry: My gender issues are besides the point. I heard barbara talking to be through jacob's baby monitor, and I don't care if you don't want to believe me.

Katie: You have to admit it sounds a little crazy.

Henry: That doesn't mean it's not real. Barbara is in trouble, and she's reaching out to me for help, and I am not gonna let her down again. She is being held against her will, and I'm gonna find out who is responsible for that and bring her home, no matter what it takes.


Emily: What the hell, paul?! I'm gone for less than 24 hours, and you invite iris dumbrowski to live in our home? Why? W -- was dracula busy at the blood bank, or was the bride of frankenstein too busy having her hair done?!

Paul: Em --

Emily: Because those are the only two people I would rather have in this home than that lying, freeloading --

Will: Hey, you're talking about my wife's mom.

Emily: Oh. Oh, well, my condolences, really. At least we all know that you can lead a productive life, despite being raised by a she-wolf.


Will: Hey, at least she'll be close, where we can keep an eye on her.

Emily: What, are we taking shifts, will?

Paul: No. He makes a good point. This way, we'll know where she is.

Emily: GreaT. Where is she, paul? Who's watching her now?

Gwen: She mentioned something about going to a prayer circle.

Emily: Yeah, more like a coven if you ask me


Will: Excuse me. I'm looking for henry coleman.

Henry: Took you long enough.

Will: Henry. [Laughs nervously] Um, no judgments, but are you sure you're right for my mom?

Henry: Stakeouts aren't for the squeamish.

Will: Okay. You couldn't dress up like a maintenance man?

Henry: I never even thought about that, man.

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