ATWT Best Lines Monday 8/2/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 8/2/10


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Reid: You know, weddings just really aren't my kind of thing.

Luke: Oh, come on. Who doesn't like weddings? Why not?

Reid: I think they are foolish spectacles dedicated to the archaic notion of making vows and promises you probably can't keep.

Luke: Ah. So this is your ever so clever way of saying that you think that love doesn't last.

Reid: Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. You know that. I'm just saying that you don't need a lot of phony pomp and circumstance to seal the deal.

Luke: You know, its a really good thing that you're a brain surgeon and not a marriage counselor.

Reid: My advice would save a lot of people a lot of headaches.

Luke: So you're saying that you don't believe in love?

Reid: I'm saying I don't believe in ceremonies. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, not all the vows and pretty poetry in the world can change that.

Luke: You know, Dr. Oliver, you are a real killer romantic.

Reid: Love should be pragmatic. That's all.

Luke: You know, I think that you're just trying to rile me up. But guess what? I'm not biting. And this isn't just about the wedding. You know, this would be our first time out together, you know, as a couple.

Reid: Look, if you want to be seen as a couple, I will take you out for a nice dinner. We can sit right in the center of the restaurant, where everybody will see us holding hands.

Luke: Reid, don't be a jerk. Come on. I'm just asking for you to come with me for a couple hours and watch my father and molly do something that will make them very, very happy.

Reid: And I'm just telling you that I really don't want to go.

Luke: So you wouldn't make the sacrifice, not even for me? And besides, you know, I think it'd be very good for you.

Reid: How do you figure that?

Luke: It will give you a chance to work on your people skills, Mr. Soon to be Chief of Staff.

Reid: My people skills are fine.

Luke: Oh, yeah, with people under anesthesia, they're fantastic. But people who are walking and talking -- no, no, not so much.

Reid: Fine. I will work on my people skills. But not at the wedding. If I don't get some sleep, my doctor skills are gonna need a lot of work. So I'll see you later.

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