ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 7/27/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 7/27/10


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Schatzi: Schatzi makes no judgments. Nice ones, yeah?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, this is just like the one Barbara wore the first night that we --

Paul: Henry, that's my mother.

Henry: Right. Uh, right. Um, we're looking for this woman. She probably bought some lingerie here. Have you seen her? Take a good look. She's a regular here. She talks about this place all the time. And her credit-card company said that she'd bought some lingerie here recently. I'm sure you couldn't forget a beautiful face like that.

Schatzi: I don't pay so much attention to the faces, if you know what I mean.

Paul: I apologize for my brother. He's in love with a woman, Barbara Ryan, who also happens to be my mother. And she's missing, so he's very distraught.

Schatzi: Your mother?

Paul: Yeah. It's complicated.

Henry: She's much -- a much younger mother.

Paul: And -- and we're only half-brothers. Completely different mothers.

Schatzi: Ah. This woman is a cougar?

Henry: No! Technically yes, but she is more of a -- a lioness in zebra-striped thongs.

Paul: Henry, please. You need to stop.

Henry: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It won't happen. Just forget I said that.

Tom: You are not being fair to Chris. True, he's had several failed relationships.

Margo: Well, that number would be in the double digits.

Tom: Okay, he's a good-looking doctor. But that's not the point. He's had his heart broken, too.

Margo: I think he's the one who's done most of the breaking.

Tom: So what?

Margo: So I don't want my sister's heart broken. She's had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime.

Tom: So you're happy that she's alone. Is that what you want for her?

Margo: No. Of course I don't.

Tom: Well, then, if she's gonna enter a new relationship eventually, she's gonna have to take a risk and open herself up to somebody new.

Margo: But it's not gonna be with your brother.

Tom: Why not? What if she becomes for Chris what you've become for me -- the woman that he's waited his entire life for, his soul mate, the -- the perfect complement, I mean, the person that makes sense out of all the things that never made sense before, you know, the answer?

Margo: Honey, you're fighting dirty.

Tom: Look, I just want you to try and see what I'm seeing. Now, it's true that Katie and Chris could crash and burn. But what if they become like us and they live happily ever after? Isn't that a chance that she should be willing to take?

Margo: Hmm. If your little brother breaks my little sister's heart, I will bring down upon him the full force of the law directly on his head.

Tom: Ooh.

Margo: Ooh.

Tom: On what charge?

Margo: I don't know. I'll think of something.

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