ATWT Best Lines Thursday 7/22/10

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 7/22/10


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Carly: Well, why don't you prove that to yourself and everybody by coming to the shower? Come on. Won't you -- won't you at least think about it?

Lily: All right. I'll think about it.

Carly: Okay. And I'm sorry about these.

Lily: Hmm. Like you said, I'm moving on.

Carly: Well, move yourself on over to my place later, and -- and be hungry.

Lily: That's right. And now she comes home unannounced, right after you find out that I'm spending more time with Craig. No, that's not suspicious at all.

Lucinda: Even if I had urged her to come home because of your closeness with Craig, would that be such a terrible thing?

Lily: Mother, I'm not 15 anymore! You can't choose who my friends are.

Lucinda: Oh. That's all you are, you and Craig? You're just friends?

Lily: We are not having this conversation. It's none of your business. Stop interfering in my life.

Lucinda: Okay. I'll stop. No more interfering, okay? Just so long as you -- you stop pretending -- pretending that you don't care that the love of your life is marrying another woman.

Lucinda: You also have a bridal shower to attend.

Lily: [Scoffs] You can't be serious.

Lucinda: Of course I am. I bet you Holden's gonna put in an appearance. It's your last chance to show him how superior you are to her.

Lily: No, Mother. It's a chance to show him and Molly that I support them and that I want them to be happy.

Lucinda: Denial, thy name is Lily.

Lily: Mother, go! Find sierra! Meddle in her life!

Lucinda: [Groans] Okay. I'll go. Don't come crying on the wedding day. It will be too late!

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